Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Morning Ladies

Good Morning Ladies! To all of those who are Mom's or who have someone you Mother--I hope you had a great day yesterday. Our whole weekend was action packed. First you will notice the pictures I have posted. One of the three generations and then the ones of my sister Jeannie and I with our Mom. Dad was taking the pictures and can you say, dead smiles?You know that thing that happens when you are talking through your teeth saying, "hurry up I can't keep this smile much longer".
We had a great day. Relaxing and catching up on family time. (And looking at my Mom and sister and being reminded of my goal to take a little more weight off. My sister has recently lost a good bit of weight. Go Jeannie!)
We got home around three in the afternoon and not soon after got a call from my pastors wife telling us that two of our member had been out for a Sunday afternoon motorbike ride when a car pulled out in front of them and they hit the car. We spent several hours at one hospital and then they transfered Johnny to a larger hospital where the removed his spleen and repaired damage to a lung caused by fractured ribs. He is in ICU but thank the Lord he is doing good. And my other friend went home last night with a fractured finger and quit a bit of road burn. The police said that they should not have made it through the accident. We know who was on their side.
We got home last night around 1:00, or maybe I should say this morning, so Mrs Nufon is a tad tired and thought she would probably need to miss out on seeing ya'll this morning.
To catch you up on other news. It looks like we will be moving 100 yards down the road to a home that is for lease in our neighborhood. I noticed the sign because I pass it everyday on my way in and out of the neighborhood. I thought maybe we could just call and see what they weere asking--it would give us some place to a take my father-in-law until we could get this piece of property sold and find a new house. To make a long story as short as I am capable- by the grace of God the man who remembered my father in law said we could rent the house on a month by month basis until we find something else to buy. He was asking for a full year contract but God softened his heart and he will let us have it as long as we need it. I will sign the papers today and get a key. Then I will have a little cleaning to do because part of the agreement is that I would take it as is. In other words clean up after the last tenants.
It did not look too bad--so we will see.
It does have a in ground pool so it will be nice to have this summer.

I thought I would share this comment from someone on the So You Wanna Go Back post.
It is from a sister in Christ whom I love dearly. She has walked a rough road and God has been faithful. It is good to have her back by my side. You know on this walk we need to surround ourselves by those who believe as we do and those few who really know us. The few who will tell us what we do not want to hear and remind us of what our actions say we have forgotten.
I am going to close with her comment.
Ponder it for a while.
Let it's truth sink deep.
Let it remind you of what we know to be true.
What is faith? Lets ask the ever elusive writer of Hebrews (probably Paul). 11:1 Now faith is being SURE of what we hope for and CERTAIN of what we do not see. I know you know this verse by heart, but have you ever thought about the hope part? Hope is a partner with faith. Without hope there is nothing for faith to give substance to. Just remember, the thing we are "faithing" for is already there, we just can't see it. You are not in the wilderness right now, you are in God's perfect will because you have said yes.....Yes Lord, I will stay still and let you do your will......Yes, I will believe and trust you and am willing to give up anything or go anywhere you say even though my flesh is nervous and screaming for me to take control and fix it. You are overcoming the issue of your "fleshly" control. Oh that we all could learn this important lesson. How can He work through any of us that think we are strong and can handle it and God can just step in when we need a miracle? You have been in the wilderness (as have I) and we both know that we will not go back. You are now in the very place God has always wanted you. Being still, knowing that He is the very God Almighty of the entire universe and that He is at work on your behalf. Just remember, He is not only with, He is also for you!



Dee said...

Wow Sharon, lots of 'stuff' in this post!! I love the photos and I think that you look great, but only you know what needs to come off. Your mom, sister and you look so much alike!! Very nice. Thanks for sharing and photos -- and seeing the three generations is awesome! What a blessing!

I'm so happy to hear about the house too. Your name is a household name here now -- and I told my family that you were looking for a house to buy and that you're looking to sell your property. If they can't remember which Sharon you are, they ask if you're the one with the smelly dog! LOL That story brings smiles to our faces (you should enter that one in a contest sometime!).

Take care -- praying for you!

Nicki said...

I'm so glad that you are finally going to be settled!!! How awesome is that you only have to take a stroll down the street to your new home!! =) Can I ask what happend? I saw the pictures and I've gotten bits and pieces of the story but what happend to your house? If you don't mind me asking! Sorry to hear about your church friends in the accident, how scary, I will lift them up in prayer!! Have a blessed day!!

BunnyGirl said...

Sharon, loved the Hebrews write up from your friend. Very relevant to me right now.Hug!

Nise' said...

So glad you were able to spend the day with your Mom! Nice pictures! Sorry to hear about your church friends. How wonderful to be able to rent on a month to month basis! Praise the Lord He softened the landlords heart!

eph2810 said...

How cool that you can have the house for as long as you need it and don't need to sign the contract for a year...

Looks like that you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your family.

Glad that your friends are doing okay after the accident - PTL!

I love the comment you have shared from your friend :)

Be blessed today and always.

CrownLaidDown said...

He's into your details, friend! He's working it out! I'm about to go work on Kylie's room, but wanted to let you know I'm praying for His Hand to be leading you all to a place He has prepared in advance.
Wow! You couldn't look like your Dad at all; although, I don't know what he looks look just like your Mom. All of you girls are just very pretty!
Have a great day...glad you have a place in-between time!
Love in Him,

gid said...

Great pictures. Maybe we will have to come down once you get into the house. :-) Are you looking for guests?

Karen said...

Great pics. Sharon, you so don't look like you have 44lb to lose, you look good! You're not aiming for a size Zero are you? Anyway you all look just lovely.