Friday, May 11, 2007

2nd post Friday--God gave her to me, for me-----He knew what He was doing!

I wrote this for my Mom a month or so ago for Mother's Day. Christian Women Online Magazine has a contest about Mothers and this is what I entered. This will stay posted all weekend.
I want ya'll to know that my Mother would want ya'll to know that she was not a perfect Mother. She was a work in progress and still is. The things that will last in the minds of our children are the things that we did to influence their lives. Some of those things will not be the most positive in our minds. But, even though my Mom had some qualities that had not been reshaped by God--He still promised that He would use those for my good.
So on this weekend when we tend to evaluate the past as well as the future-----Let's remember who holds our futures and the future of our children. No mother on earth can stand in the way of a good work that our God wants to perform. Did you hear that?
NO Mother--past, present, or future.

Mom----I love you!
I thank God for you and the influence you have had in my life. You will not know until you get to heaven and receive your rewards what that influence has really been--but then maybe that is a good thing. You just stay the same strong, sweet woman that you are and God will continue to mold you and use you in the lives of your children and those who come into contact with you.
Happy Mother's Day

This is for you!

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

It would be the first time I had been allowed to tag along with Mom to her Wednesday morning Bible study. The streets in the French Quarter had been freshly cleaned and folks having already left for work made parking easy. Although I don’t remember, I am sure Mom reminded me to behave like a lady and not speak unless spoken to. I did not know it, but this day would forever become one of my favorite things.
If you ever venture into the French Quarter you have only to glimpse behind the old iron gates to find sweet little garden patios tucked safely away from unwanted guest. Wrapping around these small pieces of the country, you will often find tall, thin doors ready to catch a stray breeze. Ceilings are often tall and rooms have an open flow, helping the air move freely in the hot southern climate. That morning doors were open and the smell of flowers filled the front parlor that had been made ready guests.
I sat quietly listening to the women talk as they arrived. One by one they stepped aside to remove their gloves and hats. Although they were quite elegant and interesting, my eyes were drawn to the table that had been prepared. Any little girl’s dream, the table was set for a tea party, except in New Orleans, the tea had been replaced with strong coffee laced with chicory. The silver coffee pot was eye -catching as it stood in the center surrounded by quaint dishes filled with sugar cubes and cream. Neat little rows of demitasse cups enameled in rich colors waited nearby on gold saucers. And, of course, there were dainty little cookies to keep a lady’s stomach from making noises during study time.
When, all had arrived, I was served a cup with one teaspoon of coffee, one teaspoon of sugar, and the rest half n half, my first introduction to coffee au lait. I became one of the ladies, pinky finger out and all, and although I will always remember how important that made me feel, it would not be the only good memory I would walk away with that day. After all the pleasantries, we moved to the front room to begin our study. Mom sat in an old high-backed chair with her Bible open and waited patiently until all the women were settled. I was so proud of her as she opened our time in prayer. Today I cannot remember a word she spoke, but since then I have learned it was from the Book of John.
That was the first time I remember thinking that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. As I looked around the room, I saw women considerably older than she. I knew my mother was special and God was using her for something really important.
I now know that she was unsure of herself as she sat there teaching those highly educated, rich older women, but I’m sure they would tell you they never knew it. My mother was poised and the glory of God shown from her face as she taught. She was in her element, and she planted a seed in my life that would enable me to one day to sit in front of other women teaching from God’s word.
If you asked my mother she would tell you that she does not see herself the way I portrayed her. She would tell you she could have done a better job and that she wished she had learned so many lessons earlier in life. But I would like to tell her and so many other moms that if you love the Lord you will plant something that can never be taken away. The picture of her sitting there with her Bible open, ready to teach about our Lord, will always remain one of my favorite things.

A Few Of My Favorite Things
Women all dressed in the highest of fashion
Elegant purses with gloves planned to matched them
Coffee and cookies arranged so on trays
These planted memories that linger today

Women so quiet with Bibles all open
Mom in her chair with the book of John open
Me sitting quietly taking it in
This planted seeds that would bear fruit again

Now I’m older
And walking bolder
And I am doing the same
And I simply am saying
I want her to know
I love her


BunnyGirl said...

How lovely this is, the write up and the lovely take on "my favourite things". We really must appreciate our mothers. I realise I need to do that more, it's thanks to Mum that I wanted to be a Christian. She pointed me in the right direction. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing it, Sharon.

Shalee said...

That was wonderful Sharon. I love the first part where you said, "No mother on earth can stand in the way of a good work that our God wants to perform."

That's a promise I'm glad to hold.

dewey said...
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Sharon's MOM said...

Sharon, this may sound corny, but how in the world do I say thank you for your sweet words. What a blessing it has been to be your Mom in all the seasons of life. The ups and downs have made the joy of knowing you now as a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit even more wonderful. One thing that Dad and I know is that you pray for us daily especially in this season of our lives. It is so great to know that our Heavenly Father is not through with us yet and that He yearns to see Himself reflected in our lives more than we ever could.

You motive us, inspire us, and challenge us to continue growing deeper in love with our Saviour.

Thank you for this lovely Mother's Day card and the trip down memory lane.

Look forward to spending time with you Sunday.

Nise' said...

Wonderful tribute to your mom. Her comment had me in tears. You are blessed!

SunnySusan said...

Thanks for this post..just wonderful

Happy Mother's Day

Be Blessed

Dee said...

Beautiful post and beautiful mom!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to both of you! (you have the same sweet smile!) I loved your story Sharon -- thanks for sharing it w/ me early. Too bad that it didn't win the contest, but it won my heart. I really enjoyed the story. It is such a blessing to have a Christian mom (& dad). Enjoy tomorrow w/ your family. I feel blessed to call you 'friend'. God bless. D

AuburnGalAlways said...

This is a very beautifully written message about your mom. I read it to my daughter, and she really enjoyed it as well.

Thank you for your visit to my blog and the post welcoming my sweet girl to the family. That meant a lot to her.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Happy Mother's Day Sharon!

Betty Jane Buckshot said...

This is beautiful...trying to keep the tears from streaming. Makes me want to be like your mom too!