Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remembering an Ahaa moment

We had a conversation in Sunday school that made Keith and I
feel like someone had been listening in on our private conversation from the day before.
You see I had really been struggling with my feelings.
Struggling with walking the line to remain righteous......right acting...even when someone is critical of your spouse and feels free to speak that right in front of you.
Years ago......I might have jumped right in(depending on the criticism)...sad..but true.
But now.... cuz I love my man and I am loyal to just raises the GRRRR! in me.
I didn't repeat what was said....but I did mention it to Keith to let him know how I was feeling.
He couldn't care less what they were saying.....but he encourage me to do the right thing. I confessed my anger and took some time to remind myself about the source of the criticism......and that the real culprit was the enemy.
And above all good was coming...... because God was using the situation to remind me how much I love my husband.

So it was pretty funny when we got in class Sunday and our teacher brought up the same thing. Her hubby carries a great load at our church......and as you know that makes one a huge target for the body of Christ (sad but true) or the enemy.
As a class we talked about this issue....and how we must pray and let it go.

I couldn't help but wonder why the attack at this time.....and then I ran across this post I wrote back in 2007 and had a renewed ahaaa! moment.
See what you think.
(This was written while we lived in La)

Here is a little picture into my mind.

(Yes, on some days you might not want to venture there--but today it's safe--I promise!)
The past couple of days I have noticed a stiff breeze while out riding my bike. At certain points I thought, Wow, I can't believe the wind is blowing so hard. And then every once in a while there would be no wind at all..... I thought, Well maybe God is sending a little extra wind my way to give me a better work out. Of course I thanked Him for it. ;)
Today once again I got on my bike ready for my ride.
It is beautiful, sunny and in the 70's.
Flowers are blooming everywhere and birds are singing. God is busy being creative!
As I rounded the second half of my first lap- I noticed the stiff wind. But as I looked at trees.... I didn't notice any movement. Strange.
And looking down at the movement.
Now you scientific people.... put your logic aside for one minute and follow me on a spiritual trip.
The Bible tells us that we battle not against flesh and blood
but against principalities and powers in the heavenlies.
Walking on the ground at a slow pace does not cause much noticeable stir to the air.
A person who is not really concerned about moving in their relationship with God--does not concern the devil or his forces. But, when we start moving forward with a little force--the territory that has been their dwelling place--well, it is impacted by the Spirit moving in our life.
When this happens --we will start to feel the may come from those around us in the body of Christ. Our enemy loves putting up a block to the unity Jesus prayed for.
Starting to get the picture?
The faster we are moving forward spiritually.....the greater the resistance becomes.
Just like we take pleasure in the wind, could we possibly-in a strange way-take joy in recognizing why spiritual resistance is coming?
And then even in our discomfort or pain....could we praise God?
Praise Him because the resistance------proves we are moving forward.
And just like the wind gives me a better work--thus making me stronger, spiritual resistance can also mature me and give me stronger spiritual muscles.
You would think Satan would realize what he was doing and stop----but nooooooo!
Why? Because after all these years he knows that if he keeps up his resistance ...... 90% of us give up and sit down in a pity party.
We figure the pain and hassle is not worth it.....and we give up.
Weeping endures for a night but JOY comes in the morning.
Get back up on the seat of that "bike"--listen to the voice of the Spirit guiding you...... and work those muscles girls!

(Back to today. Just a heads up......unity in our area is under big attack. Church people against those in authority.....husband against wife......wife against members against each other. It is time for the body of Christ to realize what is happening.
Be on your guard and pray! If one part of the body is under attack.....usually another is. If there are some things going on......don't pass them off as just the way life is. Fight the good fight!)


Holly said...

Our old church is under attack, as well...I have no idea what the story is, only that the church is going through major changes. Makes me so mad at the enemy. We must continue to walk it out with one another in prayer.

Love to you!

Denise said...

Amen sis, amen.

Shirley said...

My friend, you are so right. Bless you for sharing your thoughts....very encouraging.

luvmy4sons said...

Oh sister...the resistance to our growth that makes us stronger...whew! That is why we can weary...but to go back continually to the source of all wealth of joy and peace...springs of living water welling up! Hugs! Love the analogy!

MelanieJoy said...

Our church is on it's way to some major..and long overdue changes...changes for the good. I've been on guard to watch for satan as I know he is NOT going to like this. Praise the Lord we have a pastor smart enough to be doing the same.
I also have to add to your list...a community against a school...satan has been attacking this for four years and has not let up but only gotten stronger in the attack. I don't get him because we are too determined to give up on this school.
Thanks for the post! Talk with you soon.

Annie said...

Isn't it amazing how the Holy Spirit leads us and guides us into all truth. We just wait on the Lord to teach us these things. I was reminded of my grandson this summer. We were lined up at the pool waiting for his sister to say, "Get ready, get set, GO!" We both jumped in the water. I have always beat him swimming, but not this year! He pummeled the water. He overcame with massive force. He prevailed. It reminded me of Jacob of old. He wrestled with the angel and he prevailed. I told my grandson he won because he did what I trained him to do. Sometimes, I see the Lord saying the same thing to me. "I trained you for this!" So we don't let go until He blesses us!
Many hugs, Annie

Mary said...


I'm glad you were able to keep your composure in this situation. I'm not sure I could do the same. People are cruel and judgemental and that is one reason I chose not to attend church. To me a true Christian shouldn't judge.

Take care, my friend.

SunnySusan said...

Thanks for letting us in on your thoughts...awesome girl....I am always uplifted by your posts...keep on keeping on.....