Friday, August 14, 2009

Sore knees and a little of this and that

Hope you have had a good week.
We have completed a few things and had a little fun in the mean I would say that it has been a blessed week.
We got the kitchen floor finished up on the mountain before the Bible study group came in on Tuesday night. We were asked to attend so we got to meet several couples who have been praying for this ministry and supporting it financially.
The Bible study was great....they are doing a study of the books of Peter by Mac Arther.
All of the individuals were of retirement age.....but still going strong for the Lord. You know many times when I attend a Bible study for people my age.... rarely do you have everyone jump in and add to the conversation. It was great to see how relaxed they were and how willing they were to speak about what they felt and knew.
I felt right at home.....kind of strange. :) \o/
They asked us to tell them our we filled them in on this journey
we are walking with the Lord.
It was a sweet time of fellowship.....a few said they had been praying for God to send a couple to help on the mountain and felt their prayers had been answered.
I don't know yet.....we will see......still praying.

Then Wednesday and Thursday, Keith and I were able to get the floor in the entrance way looks really greatA few more things here and there and the main floor will be all done.
Keith went up this morning to work on some trim work and I played hooky.
It was time to get some running done and return a few things to Walmart.
I thank God for the money to go to Wally World...but won't it be nice to know
it won't be in heaven?

Keith will leave Julia on the mountain since tonight the youth from our church will be having a slumber party up there. They will have a camp fire tonight and then tomorrow spend a little time with God.
So......Keith and I are going to have a date night! \o/!!!!!!!!

God is doing some great things in our lives. Some we can not talk about yet....but we would appreciate it if you would pray for us. Pray that God would give us wisdom to walk where He wants us to. We need to know His will for our future. We don't want to step out just because our eyes think the picture is fine. We need spiritual eyes for this journey.

I'll endsoon....... but first I wanted to share with you two things I have been reading.
One is a book by Andy Andrews......The Travelers Gift. It is a quick read and I really enjoyed it. If you would like to know more you can go here for a brief summary.
Next, I asked God to guide me to the lives of those of days gone by who had walked incredible walks of faith with Him.
I wandered through some sites and found some journals written by George Muller.
Do you know that in his life time he raised Millions of dollars (comparable to our dollars)for his orphanages......and yet NEVER asked a person for money? He believe that if he was walking according to Gods plan that it would be for Gods glory that He touch a persons heart to supply the needs of the ministry.
Where have the men and women like that gone? is where I found the journals that you can read for free on line.
Go to Dust and Ashes....and you will have to sign up for their newsletter. But once you get in there are lots of free books you can read by various authors like Amy Carmichael.
I have not done a thorough look over of this site..... so I don't know if I recommend everything.
But I will say that what I have read so far by George's fantastic.
Here is one thing he said that kind of got me thinking....
Think not, dear reader, that Ihave the gift of faith, that is, that gift of which we read in 1 Corinthians 12:9, and which is mentioned along with “the gifts of healing,” “the working of miracles,”prophecy,” and that on that account I am able to trust in the Lord. It is true that the faith, which I am enabled to exercise, is altogether God's own gift; it is true that He alone supports it, and that He alone can increase it; it is true that, moment by moment, I depend upon Him for it, and that, if I were only one moment left to myself, my faith would utterly fail; but it is not true that my faith is that gift of faith which is spoken of in 1 Corinthians 12:9.36.

That means that I can not look at his life and say, Well you know he had the gift of faith and that was why he could trust God the way he did.
No, I can take the same steps he did.
He lived until he was 90.... I believe. In that time he read the Bible through over 200 times.
He believed that the key to the success in his life was knowing the God of the Bible.
And he firmly believed that unless you were willing to spend that time reading and meditating in God's word......that you would live a life mostly without power.
If you would like to read a short synopsis of Mr Mullers life go here.
What an incredible man!

Have a great weekend.....and I would like to encourage you to spend some time in the word!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, I would have to agree with Mr Muller, though I need more discipline in those areas. Glad to catch up with you- the tiles look great!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Well, I would have to agree with Mr Muller, though I need more discipline in those areas. Glad to catch up with you- the tiles look great!

grey like snuffie said...

I LOVE reading books of believers from the 1800's and the early 1900' is so encouraging...and it really always seems to come back to the simplicity of our relationship with Him...get in the Word...get in The Word....get In The Word....Get In The Word....GET IN THE WORD!!!! Pretty simple. Get to know Him...abide with Him...the rest should just flow...oh God, take me there.

Shirley said...

So glad you had a good week. God is blessing you. I just know you and Keith will have a wonderful "date" tonight. Have a great weekend!

Hugs to you.

TammieFay said...

The place is looking great! Oh how we miss it!! Can't wait to come back. Mueller is awesome and I couldn't agree more with his assessment of power in the Christian life...found in the Word activated by the Holy Spirit! His Word IS life! Praying with you and Keith as you strive to walk with you guys!

Denise said...

Enjoy your date night, praying for you.

Oh Sew Good said...

I have read two books about George Mueller's life. The second one made me feel like I had lost my oldest and dearest friend. I was sad when the book ended and I missed him. It may sound weird but what God did in his life was truly amazing. Thanks for the links I'm going to check them out. I think you'd like The Kneeling Christian by Anonymous.

MelanieJoy said...

The floors look great! Praying..