Friday, August 7, 2009

A little excited!

I don't remember if I have ever told you about the book that I wrote for my nephew a few years ago....if I did....sorry!
But this will add a little
I wrote this for my nephew on his third birthday.
I never really even thought about trying to have it published.
Then we got involved with this ministry and I found out that Holly wanted to one day illustrate childrens books. I did not know at the time just how talented she is.
I asked my sister to bring the book with her to the conference so that I could copy copy is in storage.
I made a copy and passed it on to Holly.
I was a little shy about sharing my work. But when I saw what she did with the words I wrote......thank you Jesus for the gifts YOU have given us!!!!!
Here are some sketches that Holly did.
The story is about a seed and life on the farm....I guess that is all I should share.

Here is the farmer.

Kyle the seed.

The farmer taking care of the plants.

Just a few different pictures of the farmer.
Is she talented or what!?!?
I am not sure where we will send the story when it is all finished being illustrated.....but if anyone knows anything we would love some suggestions.


Shirley said...

Oh yes, she is talented. My sister likes to write children's books. I will ask her to look at your post. She may have some suggestions.

Mary said...


She is very talented. What lovely illustrations for your book. I did enjoy reading your story and the book is a treasure. You should submit it for publication...the worst they can do it reject it and if they do, keep sending it elsewhere and don't take it personally.


Janet said...

Hi, I'm Shirley's sister. Holly is a talented artist. I've written quite a few picture books (none published yet). Publishers usually don't want you to send illustrations with the story. They pick out an illustrator for the book if they want to publish it. Research the publishers on line and find out which ones are looking for your type of story, then submit. Good Luck! Be sure and follow their guidelines.

MelanieJoy said...

I totally agree with Mary. I was just thinking if you want I can talk to my cousin. The one I showed you his blog/flickr that has illustrated some. He may have some info or feedback for Holly. You know getting her work on a her on blog like that might be good...he has I'm sure meet folks that way too.

Holly said...

How lovely! Tell Holly she did a great job!!

SunnySusan said...

This is way cool....very talented illustrator and you are you my sis

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. So cool! I love your heart that can create neat and interestnig stories for the kiddos! I can just imagine the story line for this one. Can't wait to see the finished version! Love you new look too! Awesome! So pretty!

Melanie said...

That is really exciting! What beautiful illustrations!! You're so creative to be able to write a children's book.

grey like snuffie said...

What fun...will be fun to see where this goes...LOVE the farmer's face.

TammieFay said...

My grandson would love your book! He loves to be read to. Go to They are looking for authors and offer good help and advice.

Annie said...

I would love to read your book to my little grand children. The illustrations are beautiful! Blessings, Annie

Annie said...

Love the new look!

Oh Sew Good said...

Those pictures are amazing. She's definitely talented. I'm curious about your story though. I wouldn't mind reading it.

The BEDBUG Blog said...

This looks interesting! From the illustrations, it looks to be an interesting story.

Love the pics. up top.