Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Walk

The Walk

Looking down at mud stained feet
Feet that have touched unholy ground

Sitting on the seat untouched be forgiveness
Knowing the ache of too long spent

Head in hand as memories flood
Disgust lingering deep

The sun begins its climb
Rays of newness touching humanity

Splashes of hopelessness
Despair wracked sobs

Loneliness that chains the heart
Memories of overwhelming love

And I rise
Longing just to touch His feet

In all my filth
Longing to say I am sorry

Once again to see the love
Love that cleans

Feet heavy with chains
Weight the reaches the deepest levels

Moving on as one desperate for pure water
As one longing for air

The wind stirs
I look ahead

Strength begins to rise
Hope coursing like blood

And then the sound
Pounding feet meeting dry cracked earth

Shame bows a head
Feet halt unworthy

And then the arms
Grace and mercy enfolding

Tears of repentance
Tears of Joy

Purity and peace……..Joy everlasting



Shirley said...

Sharon, this this absolutely heart touching. You do have a way with putting feelings into words.

God bless.

Rachel said...

How moving . . . amazing how fewer words are often more. Thanks for such a honest depiction of a heart recognizing its need for Him.


Denise said...

Amazingly awesome sis, love you.

Denise said...

Amazingly awesome sis, love you.

grey like snuffie said...

Beautiful...and I love your new header

MelanieJoy said...

Love this....
And look someone already likes your new header =)

Annie said...

How beautiful! Reading those words reminded me of what Charles Spurgeon said, and I paraphrase....One day these feet that have walked dusty roads will one day walk on the streets of New Jerusalem, One day, this head that hurts will one day wear a crown. One day, this heart that has known tremendous heart ache will one day find rest that therefore remaineth for the people of God. Blessings, Annie