Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breathing.....in and out........in and out

It is about time to leave for our trip to Texas.......and I will not be posting while I am gone....around two weeks. And I think that says that I have come a long way baby!
I think God has finally broken my addiction to this world of blogging. \o/
Ask my hubby.....it was bad.
But I still love you girls. :)

I want to share something before I go.
We had small group on Saturday and got into a discussion about how important it is to have an accountability partner (not your husband!) and or a mentor.
Really......it is important! Just read that little section in Titus..and you will know our God agrees!
So our prayers for each other were for God to provide a mentor and or accountability partner.
Now......if God tells us to do it in the word.....it is His will.
And when we pray in accordance to His will.....Walaaaa!
Now it may not come in the way you imagine it. For years I prayed for a mentor......I could just picture a wise older woman who passionately loved God.....someone who would pour her life into mine. And no physical woman appeared. I was really bummed! And then along came Mrs Beth Moore......and boy did that fill a big ole hole in my life.
I look back on that prayer and I know God answered it.....through her. And I honestly think that I was in such an insecure spot that I might have become more attached to a physical mentor than to God.....and of course He wanted me for Himself.

Sunday at church I approached our Sunday school teacher about helping me look for an accountability partner or mentor. She kind of laughed and said that she was in the process of doing some research so that we could set up a program in our church.
The topic came up again in Sunday school and I think the men's group is going to jump in too.

I have been so blessed by Keith.....he is so bold in ways I am not. Sunday morning he went to church early to pray with the men and he just up and approached one of the older men and asked the guy straight out if he would be willing to be his mentor. :) That's my man!
Maybe that is a boldness I need to pick up. Maybe if more of us younger women were doing that....we would have mentors. ???

Then we moved on to the church service and what do you think the service was about?
Yes, you got it! Mentoring!
Our God was speaking and the body was listening.
I believe the title of the service was....... Breathe.
And here was the idea.
If all you do is breathe air in and never breathe out.....eventually you are going to pass out.
And yet a lot of the body of Christ does just that. They jump from one service to the other....from one Bible study to another...always looking for something for themselves. Sounds pretty childish doesn't it? Been there.
Ever think about what would happen to a lake that is always taking in......but never putting out?
Eventually it is going to get yucky.
We were not meant to just take in and not put out.
We were meant to share what we take in.
Besides have you ever noticed that when you get into a good discussion with someone about God and what He is doing in your life--- how it builds the fire in You?

So let's be bold!
If you are looking for a mentor....which you should be.....start praying.
Ask God to open your eyes to the woman He would have speak into your life. And then you might start looking at the older women in your life.....or church. Who knows where God will bring her from. And then when you think you have found someone......start listening to her heart.
And then ask God to give you a boldness.......and an introduction.
And if you are at a spot spiritually where you can mentor......ask God to take you to a younger woman who NEEDS you.
Let's step back into God's will for our lives.

And if you are wanting that accountability partner......again, prayer is a good thing.
We want someone who is walking the same path as us. Someone who will be willing to love us, and let us love them. A mentor is someone who pours into your life.......an accountability partner become a good friend that you pour into and then they pour back. Of course there is a lot more involved.

I pray that God brings the right person in to your life and that God's desire for you---- becomes the desire of your heart.

That is it for now.
Remember you are loved!!!!!!
I am sure I'll be around here and there as I have internet access.....but I won't be back here to post for awhile.
See ya when I get back from Texas.
Oh...and if you think about it.... you can pray for us as we minister.....and for the children as we pour the good news of Jesus into their lives.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments. Have a wonderful trip!


Melanie said...

My addiction to blogging has been broken too! It feels wonderful. Enjoy your trip!!

SunnySusan said...

Oh Sharon...you just wrote my heart

Have a wonderfully blessed time as you minister to others and are ministered ... love ya girl

luvmy4sons said...

Have a safe trip! That is too cool about your mentor! Hugs to you!

Sharon said...

Oh wowwww I can't believe you said this about the mentoring, I have been praying about this as well, and knew I would not find it in the church I was in, do to it being spanish and I'm english.
So I will continue to pray for this.

I know about the blogging addiction, I have so backed off too, but my heart alwaysssss misses my friends I have met on here, always wondering how they are, does someone need a puter-shoulder!
But yes I am not on here but twice a week now.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy ya know what I Love Ya too. I am lloking forward to our chats again oneday real soon.
Huggggssss and blessings to you and your family :)

Melaniejoy said...

We have a speaker coming this Thurs. night talking to the ladies about a mentoring program! I think God is speaking to all His children =)
Praying for your trip and that God's touch is felt by all. Love from me!

Denise said...

Such a great word spoken here sis, love you. I will be praying for you.

Oh Sew Good said...

Have fun in Texas y'all. Did you know Beth Moore is coming to Greensboro?

Denise said...

Yeap! Had to have help with my blogging also.. I am doing better now and I can post a bit and be gone days and I am ok with it....... and as for a mentor how true! Got to be kept accountable! Enjoy your trip and I pray that God move in a greater way than you have ever experienced!

blessings girl friend!

Sandi said...

This is something I've been saying this past month at least. Then our pastor blogged about it and now you. God is speaking

try2bAsunbeam said...

You asked where I have been and I've been breakin' free of the internet. It feeds my flesh too much...Please email me when you want--I'm sure I'll still pop around to see what you are up to. I know we never met, but as Anne of Greene Gables would say, I feel we are "kindred spirits". Blessings on your trip.

Holly said...

Love you, too! HAve a wonderful, delight-filled trip to TX!!

Thanks for walking the road with me, friend.

Pastor Lisa said...

You are so my sister! God's been dealing with me in the same area. Now I marvel at the group of women around me. For me it's been coming to grips with the fact that I can be vulnerable with these women. And that's scary sometimes! Because I would question if they viewed me differently when they saw the flawed me. Not the one preaching under the anointing on a Sunday morning. And amazingly these women still love me. They still celebrate the gift of God in me which blows my mind. I love them for it. I watch them handle situations where I know I would have blown it and they push me to grow up. I love having them in my life.

Have a safe trip to my neck of the woods!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis,
(((Hugz)))) Wow it has been awhile isn't it, but the Lord always touches our hearts to remember our sistahs to reconnect and remind each other we are still thinking about them. As I was creating my Sistah For Life Award I thought of you and I would love to pass it on to you. You will be able to find it on the bottom of my giveaway post, I made 2 years and just wanted tp do something special for my bloggy friends. Have a wonderful trip and I will check in with you again when you get back.

Hugz Lorie

Mary said...


Yes, you have come a long way and you are my mentor in so many ways. Safe trip, Sis. I miss hearing from you.


Tidbits of Torah said...

Enjoy your trip.

Sharon said...

Came by to say heyyyyy I miss YOU!! I am sure you are having a wonderful time. But I have been thinking about you and wanted to shout a big heyyyy :)

Have a Beautiful time in all that you do,,,and keep on smiling :) God Wuv's YA!

melaniejoy said...

safe travels. have fun down south.