Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life Under the Bobbin Tree

Many years ago when my son was still a little guy his favorite thing to do was to try and find some worms and then grab me and our poles to head for the river in our backyard.
I would take my chair and we would hang out back there till the mosquitoes drove us inside.
Louisiana at it finest! :)
We often caught fish and would carry them up to the house to put them in the cement pond till it was time to get them ready for cooking.
There were some great times sitting by that river.
It was a time just for us..... and I was happy that Michael felt free to let his young mind just explore out loud all that he normally keep quiet.
It often gave us time to talk about God.
At that young age it was amazing to hear what was forming in his heart.
Right there under that tree we would share life lessons.
One of those lessons involved that tree right there on the bank.
In our hurry to catch a swirl in the water we would often reach back to cast and let it go...expecting to see our hook, sinker and line land right on top of "the big one".
But often instead of seeing it land before us we would get that odd yank and we would know that yet another of our bobbers had been lost to the "bobbin tree".
Of course that is how the tree got it's name......from all our lovely bobbers hanging its branches.
We enjoyed our time there.
It was a time for youth and innocence that will always linger in my memory.
One day we were talking about something deep--for a nine year old--sad, but I don't even remember what it was......and I told Michael that one day I would write a book and give it the title--
Life Under The Bobbin Tree.
It would be all about lessons learned while out in nature.....even the frustrating ones.
He thought it was a great idea.
Years went by and life has had its MAJOR ups and downs and the day came when writing a book was not even a thought...survival was.
And then the other day while riding with my man out and about in the mountians--
that book came to mind. And I did give it a second thought.....hmmm, is it time now?
But as I have learned to do lately I gave that wayward thought to God and then moved on.
If He wanted to talk about it further I knew He would bring it up.
I rolled down the window and enjoyed the cool breeze and the slightly musty smell in the air coming from the moss covered rocks and the creek running alongside our road.
Keith and I were on our way to Cherokee to do a little fishing.
We stopped in a little shop and picked up our day passes and then went on to our first stop.
We got out at a little bridge and got our poles ready. And just as  I looked up before casting I caught a glimpse of this........

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the whole tree....there were bobbers of every sort, lures galore and enough line for the tree to outfit a pole of its own.
I just sat there and shook my head....what a sense of humor our God has!

I am sure there were many frustrated moments under that tree as people fought the loosing battle to get their fishing equipment back.
But what that tree also told me was that those individuals either weren't practiced in casting their poles or they knew that there were great things to be found and captured under that tree.
And they felt the risk was well worth what was to be gained. (Yes, there is a life lesson there) :)

Sitting there watching my bobber I couldn't help but wonder why God kept bringing me back to this topic.
I am still not sure. I know many people have a dream of writing a book that would hit the best seller list. I will admit that I used to feel that way....a LOOOOONG time ago.
And then the that dream placed at the feet of my Father....well it really lost its interest.
I do have a few things floating around in this noggin of mine.
One of those ideas I do believe would be a great source of inspiration to our children.
But as I sit with the thought......the plot has not moved. When and if He moves my imagination and the characters......I am all too ready to put His thoughts to paper.

I am not sure why I am sharing this.
But I do know that there are others out there sitting on dreams......maybe not even for themselves--maybe dreams for others.
Don't let a few frustrating "fishing" moments make you lay aside those visions for the
future. It may be that God is asking us to bathe those things in prayer and preparation time.

Who knows but that you have been a Joseph/Esther tucked away under the cover of the almighty hand of God.......... till such a time as this. Maybe your face will never grace the page of any "important" page. Maybe you will always be in the background.
We are all called to be servants.....and many times a servant is never noticed until they stop doing their job correctly.
So just keep working. He sees us!
And when the day comes to fulfill His vision and purpose for our lives.......let Him find us on our knees often in pray and working toward the glory of the kingdom.

Hope this made sense to has just been on my mind.
Love ya'll!
Keep working for His Glory!

(Oh, and that life lesson learned under that first bobbin tree?
That even though there will be tough times in life when you feel caught and unable to move forward......if you will just patiently regroup and pray.....good things will come!)
Never, never give up!


Pastor Lisa said...

Ready to buy as soon as its ready. You are such a great writer and I know Holy Spirit will pour out of you.

God's timing is perfect.

Until then, I'll wait.

Love ya Sharon!

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Shirley said...

Great post, Sharon.

God bless.

Denise said...

Awesome post sis, love you.

Anonymous said...

If I right click on comments to open in new window then I can open it! Weird! Glad I found an answer! Hugs!