Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm having a serious objection about the aggravating ungodly things on my T.V. lately.
So if you will excuse me one hormonal minute-- I would like to jump up on my soap box
and do a little grievance sharing.
First, I want to say that I don't know that there are many commercials that come into my home- that actually come across as if they are intending to make contact with a person who has half a brain. Um...just for the record..I have a full brain and I do try and use it. And, when I depend on the Holy Spirit, he makes sure I don't miss the important things.
I don't like being treated as though I am slow and
can't understand what they are trying to sell or advertise.
I don't like being manipulated or played to.
Do they not know that...

When I see a mom in a house all alone with her child and all of a sudden someone breaks in and they are terrified---that I won't understand that they are playing on my need to be secure and safe. And then after stirring up my fear then they want to cash in on it take my money. HELLO!!???
Don't even get me started on all the commercials that tell me that by buying their product I will become beautiful, rich and popular to boot.
HEY......God gave me a brain!
And I did not check it at the door.

Next is the commercial I have a huge beef with right now.
It aggravates me so much that I want to turn it off every time it comes on-sometimes I do.
I think we have all seen it.
Woman dressed in black dress getting ready for guests.
She quickly reaches over and pulls the label off the candle she lights.
Enter the girls I would assume she calls friends. Noticing the pie like smell in the air, a friend mentions it......welcoming hostess decides that telling them the name brand would be uncool and make her look, she LIES.
And o.k, I will give the company some credit for correcting a wrong....she gets caught
by the label stuck to her patoot.
And her friends laugh and DON'T LEAVE!
Not funny in my opinion. And no, I did not feel the need to run out and buy their product.
Matter of fact whenever I see it in the store, I now think how irritating the commercial is.
And did they stop with this one commercial? No.
This poor lady has a problem telling the truth.
Next, we see her lying about the plug in air freshener she uses.....again to friends.
I"ll have to check the next time and see if they are the same ones.

The final one that got me was when she decided to lie to her husband and family about how she was planning to spend her day. She tells them she will be busy, busy. She then sprays the house down with this product and goes out to play and have fun until the time comes when her family will come home and she will LIE to them. :0 And yes, once again she gets caught.
Will she learn the lesson that telling the truth is best?
Probably not....they have a few more products to sell. Ouch!

Just tell me what the goal was behind picking this lying theme for their commercials?!!.

I don't know......I am just sick of seeing how the tube is going down the tube.
And soon I think it will be time to say goodbye to it.
Soaps during the day and soaps at night.
I was so proud of Charles Stanley,
and the stand he took this past Sunday on soaps and trash on t.v.
This about sums it all up...
The other day someone asked me if I watched a certain program..... and I said, no. They then said, Well, it is a really great does have some some bad things in just have to ignore it. :0 !!!!!
This is what I wanted to say in response,
"Hey have you eaten out of the dumpster at the fine dinning restaurant in town?
I know it has got some rancid rotten food in it,
but if you just eat around it you'll find some really good left overs".

How many Christian are really dumpster divers in disguise?
I have been guilty of this myself in the past.
Question for us all....
Do I look and act like my Master?

Stepping down off my soap box.


Denise said...

Preach it sister, I am in total agreement. I am beyond sick of all this junk. I love you.

MelanieJoy said...

whew....and a big old amen! I hate commercials all together! You can ask my family...I have the remote and when the commercial comes on I either channel surf or mute it! There are only a few shows I will sit down and watch. We are getting to were the shows the kids watch are things we watch ahead of time. They had slowly creeped things in the door and now it's unreal!

Denise said...

I am so tired of the TV........ We turned ours off about 8:30 on the night of the election.. NO news no commercials no trash shows. als.......... They think that we are all stupid and it makes me tired ! We watch just a couple of shows a week......Three I think and the rest of the time we read........ My mind is clearing out and my spirit has calmed down and maybe ,,,, just maybe I will hear God in a greater way! OMG........... we are what we eat!

Love you and sorry I have been gone so long! It has been such a two weeks here........

grey like snuffie said...

I always thought they were trying to say with their products you can have quality with out paying BIG bucks or a sense of clean without all the hard work. Good question. I think we live a life of doing the slow fade into the ways of the world. hmmm, soap boxes are good.

SunnySusan said...

Oh Sharon....I so totally agree...junk in junk out....we are what we eat..that is priceless....

I am sick with the flu....I got a flu shot last week and now I have the flu....never had this happen to me before...

luvmy4sons said...

I totally agree. I pains me with a monotonous languor! I hate the one that has some woman kicking bridesmaids out of the way to catch the bouquet and it is a Sprite commercial! Something about strange things happening. Yeah. That commercial! WHAT!?

Anonymous said...

Well, I understand what you're saying but you could tell from the looks of the commercial itself that it was a flat out lie. I mean seriously, who dresses to the nines to have friends over for tea. I prefer every-day normal wear but that's my own personal preference. Oh and did you see how perfectly clean that house was. So not reality!!!!!

Sandi said...

I like to think if the add is having the actress/actor lie then they have no problem with lies so their product must be a lie.

I so agree they are bad but I do beleive shows are getting worst. How do you find a show that doesn't have lying, crime, sex, making fun of someone....... Oh I could go on and on.

Alisun said...

Butch and I always call it the brand that turns you into a liar!
The candle in the tub when she claims to be at a spa caus being home where you should be is something to lie about? Whatever, you can stay on your soap box as long as you like.
How about the pad commercials I may not need them anymore but when my Brooke does I will not need a commercial to tell me they are in the feminine isle at the store!

Mary said...


I seldom watch any tv and haven't for years for just the things you mention. I was tired of seeing commercials from companies who think the consumer has no brains. I do not buy this specific product and do not watch commercials if I can help it. I just learned to block them out. Hubby will ask me a question about something on a commercial and I will have no idea what he's talking about. lol

I watch 2 hours of tv a week. Every once in a while I watch Special Victims Unit but it doesn't have any vulgar language. We need a tv channel that shows programs with no vulgar language and good story lines. I used to enjoy ER, but can't seem to find it anymore.

I hope you will take part in the Christmas book swap. I will make a post tonight giving further instructions. I will also give some suggestions on books to give and yes, they will all be good clean books, not necessarily bought in a Christian bookstore but books like the Christmas Box by John Paul Evans or the Christmas Quilt, which is another good one.

Take care, my friend. I enjoyed my visit today.


Halfmoon Girl said...

wahoo, Sharon! Good things to say here. I can't believe some of the junk on TV. What really gets me is how they portray men- the dad is always a goof and the kids/wife mock him.

Halfmoon Girl said...

btw, I like the new background.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the holy Spirit will convict our hearts on certain things we need to change in our lives, whether it's TV, music, food, gossip, judging, etc. .. He is speaking to me that I watch too much TV when I could be in his word.
Great post:)

MJ said...


I am beginning to really dislike all TV and Commercials - not that I really watch that much anyway.

(I do, however, spend too much time on the computer!)

Great post!

Brenda Susan said...

I too, just did a post about this series of commercials & someone told me that I was the 2nd one that day that wrote about it!
But I wasn't really offended or anything, just thought it was a really stupid commercial!