Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strrrrrech.........my brain on God. :)

For you Moms that home school this is probably going to be a duh post.
But this girl has been gone from school for a long time... and well, I either learned it for the first time or it had been tucked away in storage so long that it had been lost.
Remember the scene in the Riaders of the Lost Ark where the Ark was being rolled away into storage in the huge warehouse filled with of all those crates pack high to the ceiling?Photo from Raiders.net
I think my brain and its filing system is some what like this warehouse. :)
I have always loved this picture...don't ask me why. But when those moments come and I can't remember what I should be able to remember....I think of that poor guy trying to remember where he put the ark. In my case it would be why leaves turn color in the fall.
Go ahead...call me a goober...I deserve it.
Now, when a new piece of info is introduced my brain has two choices...send that little man with the little cart (squeak, roll, squeak, roll) to try and locate info taken in over 25 years ago......or maybe it would just be easier to create a new crate to store it in.
What usually wins? A new crate. Thus the warehouse is looking extremely over crowded.

Boy talk about rabbit trails!
What was this post about? Oh yes, fall leaves and why they change color. Now I did slightly remember why leaves are green....they are feeding the tree. That is the simple no frills answer. :) But what I did not remember is that the green we see.....well it is not the true color of the leaf and that the only time you see the true color of a leaf is in the fall.
All the time they are doing the task they were created for........ they are hidden
amongst the crowd.
Only when they have completed their task and are in the process of dying-are you for a short time able to see the beauty of who God created them to be.
So for most of their lives they are not really even seen individually-they
just blend in with all the rest. Um yes, I think I already said that...but this repetition is good.
And of course there is the whole reason why leaves finally fall off the tree.....I thought that had great application to our walk with God too.....but I won't go there in this post.
So if you are feeling unseen......hold on.
In His own time He will make the great reveal. Till then...continue to feed and minister to the body. Provide shade for those who are weary and worn out and need some cool rest. Allow Him to bear fruit in your life.......that will give food to the hungry.
Your seasons will come and go. Hidden for awhile and then revealed.
Hidden while raising small children......revealed when they politely and respectfully respond to an adult. Hidden while while fixing dinner over and over......revealed when that little one looks up into your face at the end of the day and says, Mommy you are the best!
Hidden while smiling at the cranky cashier......over and over again.....revealed when you stand before Him and He says, Well done my good and faithful servant.
Can you even imagine the color of the "trees leaves" then?
His creation finally revealed for what it was created to be.

The creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.
Romans 8:18-20.

Class is now excused for the day. ;)


Denise said...

Let me add a hearty amen sis, love you.

luvmy4sons said...

This was great. I knew right where you were going and you did not disappoint. I laughed aloud at you meandering through a bunch of crates looking for the right one..squeak...squeak...LOL! Beautiful analogy. Blessings to you today sister. I wonder what color leaf I will be?

try2bAsunbeam said...

Yes, I laughed, but it was definitely NOT a "blah" post! Loved it! Great application and it's funny too, yesterday I found myself saying the same thing about repetition being the best teacher! Great minds think a like!

SunnySusan said...

aaahh...I always think about my brain as being a huge file cabinet....and it just takes along time to sort thru all the stuff...ya know....loved this and I knew what you were going to also....this was great and not duh for this homeschooling mom....blessings to you my sis

D said...

I love this post!! Very good. You can come over here & teach any time (as long as we can have coffee together too!) ;) D

Sandi said...

OK I don't remember learning this about leaves but I'm sure it is stored in my brain somewhere.
Great post

MelanieJoy said...

Awsome post! I can't wait to hear the second part! I love how your mind thinks...not sure about how it's organized...haha...just kidding! love ya

MelanieJoy said...

oh yeah, I forgot something...
Goober Head....HAHAHA!!!!

Joyfulsister said...

Well I sure got a lesson today *smile* You make me smile my sistah and I love the analogy. I love Fall I wish we could see it just as you all do in the states, We don't have the four seasons here in Hawaii, but thanks for letting me enjoy it with you through this post.
Luv ya Lorie

Anonymous said...

Have you considered homeschooling? It's an amazing and exciting world. Of course it's not without its challenges but you'd be surprised at how rewarding it can be too.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered homeschooling? It's an amazing and exciting world. Of course it's not without its challenges but you'd be surprised at how rewarding it can be too.

Alisun said...

Sniff, teach me Sharon. That was great sister and I think about standing in his presence and hearing well done my good and faithful servant too Yes the ultimate reward.

Denise said...

I am so unseen!

Great post girl!

Shelley said...

I think my brain is a lot like that warehouse too!

Mary said...


An amazing and inspiration post once again. I love how you relate things of nature to our walk with God. Thanks for another great lesson, my friend.


Sharon said...

Ohhh do I love your post and I am looking forward to hearing more from you, I would Love to sit having coffee and listen to what's on your mind. I know I can learn alot from you! Will be back!!
Thank You
Be Blessed my friend