Saturday, November 15, 2008

(clearing throat)......Mememememememeeee

My sweet, funny, make you smile friend Jane, of Shore Stories has kindly given me a little award with strings attached. ;)
That string look like this, M----E----M----E.
I have begun tho think that these MeMe's are a test of how well I know myself.
The good thing for you is that you just have to read and not sit here and watch me think and ponder the subject of the MeMe. You don't have to wait while I begin delving ever so deep into the dark cavernous recesses of my mind.
Anybody have a flashlight? :)
So the object of this is for me to list 5 things that I love.....and make them interesting enough that you don't wake up tomorrow morning still here slumped over your computer.

1. I love a good discussion. And if there are one or two who have different opinions..that is the icing on top. I don't like to argue.....but I like turning the facts around and looking at them from all different points of view. I love that God has given me a sound mind and I am capable of maintaining my thoughts and convictions even if others don't agree.
I love chewing some good meat with people.
And just in case you wondered.....politics is not something I enjoy discussing.
Go there and you are likely to hear some snoring coming from my corner.

2. I so love a good cup of coffee.
And nothing thrills em more in the morning to put on that pot.....have everyone leave....and spend some time in the Bible and then with you. I will be does not always happen in that order.....but I try to aim for that.
I love coffee cups.....ones that hold about a cup and a half. You know they have to be big, because once you get that cup hot and just want to to stay around awhile.

3. I love working with food. No not the normal everyday stuff.....but the stuff I can play around with and come up with something new. I love the blend of flavors and being able to play with a recipe and it still come out good.
I can't wait to be able to have all my kitchen out of storage and unpacked in my own kitchen so that I can have people over for food and good fellowship.I love the look on someones face when they try something for the first time and love it.
I think it must be what an artist feels when a painting is finished and he gets to watch people as they see it and enjoy it.

4. I love reading a good book. It is better than going to the movies.
I become part of the story in my head and I get lost.
I love that.
Right now I am in Europe. Ha, bet you didn't know that.
I am reading Leonardo's Chair by John DeSimone.

5. I love nature and how God speaks to me through it.It is amazing how when I am looking for a sign of His love that He usually shows up there.
Today while going to Walmart I saw a beautiful rainbow. It was clear and huge.
The sky was dark all over the tops of the mountains....we are expecting snow.....but right there over Wally world....a huge rainbow. I had to smile and told Him that I loved Him too.
I have had some doubts going on lately....and yes, I asked for a sign.
When I came out after shopping it was still there.....and on the way home I realized that there were two was pretty cool. Do you think God likes to show off for us?
It was like He said, You thought that was this.

Hello, hellooooo!
You can wake up now.... I am finished. You have been such a good sport.
If you would like to do this......I would love to hear some of the things you love.
There are a few of you bloggers out there who are a little new in my neck of the woods, so I would enjoy learning some more about you.
Tell me you are doing it or wait and I will find out when I come around. :)
Don't forget to take the button if you are going to do the MeMe.


luvmy4sons said...

I love those pictures of the pileated wood peckers. We had a couple come to our feeder for awhile! Awesome!

MelanieJoy said...

Of course you know I'm not in on the coffee ;) but I'm loving #5 with you. I wish the photo on the bookmarker was clearer...but I'm glad you chose to put with #5. I'll be thinking to and may post this meme tomorrow. Hope you get your snow. Love ya.

Halfmoon Girl said...

See, that wasn't so bad, was it? I like a big mug too, and I will be your food tester anytime! Thanks for playing.

Denise said...

I enjoyed this sis, love you.

Anonymous said...

I get so happy when I meet someone who can appreciate a really good cup of coffee. I honestly believe that Lord doesn't mind me enjoying my coffee. If you don't mind, I'm going to write you offline. There is something I would love to discuss but I need to do it with folks I know won't get all up in a flap and run off on me.

Denise said...

We have pileated wood peckers in our back yard.. If am outside I can hear them coming for quite a ways away... They mesmerize me as they swoop down to the old stump in my back yard.......... God has created such wonderful sights for our eyes...............

I love your list........ I am a coffee connoisseur and I am the queen of chat so if I find someone with both of those attributives then YEAH I am a happy camper...... (no bun intended)

Have a blessed Sunday !

Sandi said...

I always enjoy MEME because I get to know someone better.

D said...

Oh you & I are sooooooooooo alike!! I like a good chat, but not controversy or arguments...a nice chat with a great friend over a cup of tea or coffee! Ahh. I'll do this -- maybe on Friday? I'm offline for a few days. ((( hugs ))) D

Demara said...

I love it when God speaks "sign"language to us! Especially, when we are so desperately in need of seeing Him.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I'm with ya on these! And yes...God sure does speak to you through nature! I love to hear your stories about that!

Sharon said...

I have those wood peckers in our backyard to, he is doing a number on this telephone pole and this palm tree, but they sure are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures.
Be Blessed my Friend