Monday, October 27, 2008

Sneaky, sneaky

Hey guys!
Not much going on here...except it is getting cold and there is a chance of snow tonight! You'll just have to excuse this southern girls excitement. Snow.....Is that crazy or what?!
It is October! But.... I am not fun.
I am going to have to learn how to dress though. We went today to unload the moving truck and although it was in the low 40's... I was freezing. Well, maybe not freezing but my legs were cold and I even thought maybe I might out to think about finding my gloves.
Anybody know how long does it take a persons blood to acclimate to a colder climate?
Good thing our electricity is included in our rent because this girl is going to be using the heater.

So after taking care of the return of the rental truck I headed off to complete my chores for the day. One including picking up the mail.....Leslie, some of the books you suggested came in today and will become part of Christmas since they did not arrive in time for Julia's birthday. I am excited to see if Julia will enjoy them. She has really become interested in reading and is devouring some books at the moment. She seems to be taking more of an interest in science fiction....any suggestions would be great.
Next it was time for groceries.
My sister in law has passed along a cup of her sourdough starter......Keith loves her bread.
So my goal today was to get the necessary ingredients to make some bread. I wasn't sure that my little oven in the camper would do the job...but my SIL gave me a ready loaf to bake off and it did it. The starter will be ready tomorrow to start a loaf......I smell fresh bread!After getting a few other things I headed for the check out. Now people warned me that things are a little different here. Life runs a little slower. If you want to stop and have a conversation with someone you are checking out....then by all means you stop and see how life has will be in the future. And then it was my turn. ;)
As the groceries moved ever so slowly to the bagging area I couldn't help but hear the conversation of the two retired gentlemen bagging up the items. Now I am not sure if one was training the other or they were just having good conversation and so one decided to linger.
But, I could hear words like--God, eternity, He gives everyone a choice. I got a little smile on my face when I realized one was witnessing to the other. I wanted to give him a high five or a big thumbs up. Now come on you know you have to encourage a brother doing the right thing and so I made eye contact to let him know I had his back. Um, actually I think I need to work on my signals because he mistook my, "Way to go bro!"--for the interest of a lost sheep. The conversation soon became a little louder and I heard...."Now you know He came to die for our sins so that we could all go to heaven when we die". I had become the object of their objective.
Sneaky witnessing! Or you could call it great......
Now don't tell me you have not done this before! A set up witnessing scene.
You and a friend realize you have someones ear and you just go for it. You lay out the whole plan of salvation....we call it planting seeds....and if you happen to see that you have an interested pounce! In a totally Godly way of course.
So this was what these two retired gentlemen were doing
under the guise of bagging my groceries. Very sneaky.
I finally decided I had better let them know that I was one of the flock.....I didn't want them using up all the good stuff on me. :)
I jumped in on the conversation and let them know that every knee would bow and mine would do so willingly. We also talked about how close we thought the return of our King was. If the cashier was not a Christian....she got an ear full. In the end I do not know if they wanted to say,
Aw shucks she is one of us or give me a high five.
But, I left feeling a little closer to the family of God....and very proud of my sneaky brothers.

When is the last time you were sneaky for God?
And not that you need to be sneaky.......but it is a great way to do it on the job. ;)


Denise said...

I loved this post, and I love you sis.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I haven't thought of that. Maybe my kids and I will bag groceries tomorrow and they can pose supposedly innocent questions that I can answer very loudly:)

Sandi said...

What an uplifting time your shopping ended with. You never know who else might have heard.

try2bAsunbeam said...

A BIG smile crept across my face with this post! Wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove...

YRC- How 'bout $10 per verse? Only the verse, no matte or frame...Want one??? :)

luvmy4sons said...

What a great story. I love it! I am afraid I am not so subtle though. Ouch! I talk to everyone as if they are a Christian...that is how I witness. I simply talk about my life and if I was praying about something I say I was praying. If I was touched by a Bible verse I talk about the Bible verse and how it touched me. I talk about my Christian walk as if I were talking about groceries! LOL! But I LOVE this post. How cool! The family of God is such a neat family.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

My mom sent a pic today of the snow up there! I'm sure it's chilly!!

I didn't know you found a house! That's great news! Hope all goes well getting settled!

Sneaky for it!! =)