Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Little of this and that

This is just a little catch up on where I have been
and what I have been up to these last few days.
I will tell those of ya'll who read the lasagna post.....it came out great. Everyone loved it and we had plenty so that people could take some home for dinner on Sunday evening.
Next time it is my turn to cook for group it will be time for a pot of soup!
After group Keith and I took a drive into Cataloochee to check out the Elk and the leaves.It was beautiful. The leaves were turning and all the leaf watchers were there to see the color and the Elk. This was a big one. There are strict laws against getting within 50 feet of them.....for your protection and theirs. The government started repopulating this area in early 2000 so all elk are tagged and they keep a very close watch on them. Catalooch is actually a great place to visit if you are ever in our area.
It is a sweet little piece of history not easily found unless you know what you are looking for.
It was first settled in 1809 and saw the beginning of the end in 1928 when the government decided it would make a great national park.
Until this time this little bit of heaven was cloistered from a culture that was moving at race neck speed away from the laid back mountain life. What started with one family of farmers soon became a community of 1,200. The home below was built in 1903 by the Colwell's, the second settelers to the valley.Because the area was so secluded even after the Civil War the area retained its old ways. Children were educated in one room school houses and the post office was generally found in the home of whomever was the postmaster at the time.
At the time the area was well populated with deer, elk, bear- making it easy for the people to feed their families during the months when farming could not be done.
In 1920 the influenza epidemic that had started in 1918 world wide finally reached deep into the mountains and took a tole on the families of Catalooch. Life further changed in the 20's as lumber companies realized what profit lay hidden in the Smokey mountains.
Finally, the end came when the in the late 20's the government forced the settlers to sell their land in order to turn it into a National Park.
Few sued and got more money.... but their life in those mountains were over.
The cool thing is that there were a few homes and church buildings that were not torn down or burned after the eviction. You can walk through some of the homes and although they are not furnished it is a nice look into the past.
Yearly families still return to celebrate the heritage of the past.
While we were there Sunday there was a group having dinner on the grounds.That is it..but if you would like to read a little more there are two links at the bottom where I found a good bit of my information.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. :)

On Monday Julia and I went to Dollywood ,which is located in Sieverville, TN- with my brother and his family. This is an amusement park run and owned by Dolly Parton. This was my first time going to this park and actually is was pretty nice. There were little booths here and there with people sharing their trades. We stopped for awhile and watched a guy sharing the old Turkish method of painting. It was used often to decorate book covers. It was very fascinating..maybe sometime I will share more about it here.
It was a great day. We enjoyed the rides and some delisious food. And although the yellow jacket- that I tried to eat- was not so nice when it stung my lip-the rest of the food was still good! Do I even need to tell you that being stung on the lip.....HURTS?!
Too bad they don't die like honey bees after they sting you.
The booger deserved to die.
But, it did not ruin the day.......and I would enjoy going back sometime.

It is time to end this book now. ;) Thanks for hanging in there till the end. ;)
I am going to do a little fasting from my computer for a little while--just need to get centered.So I will be back in awhile. Take care and I will be praying for you.
Love you guys!


try2bAsunbeam said...

Wow, I learned something new again today...
Great posts. looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Nise' said...

Loved the history! Glad you had a good time. Enjoy your break.

PS Pretty picture in your header.

SunnySusan said...

Oh girl...just to think about that sting makes me just shake....ouch

You really are blessed to live in such a beautiful place...hugs....

Denise said...

I am so glad you have been enjoying your self sweetie. I love you. Praying for you.

Denise said...

I am so glad you have been enjoying your self sweetie. I love you. Praying for you.

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. That was awesome. Good stuff. I love history and old buildings. Sorry about the lip. Hope you have a good time centering. Always in my prayers.

Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing TN with us. I just hear a friend of ours excepted a possition with Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries International. They will be moving soon to TN. Oh how I will miss them and you are sharing what the State is like for me. Thank you

eph2810 said...

I love visiting historical/old placed and take photos :) - Seems like a fun area to take photos.

Have a restful fast, my friend...

Blessings to you and yours...

Darlene said...

Loved the tour and info. I love to visit Dolly Wood. It has been several years since we were last there.
I know you are enjoying the beauty of the fall leaves. They look so pretty. It amazes me sometimes in the Season's and the beauty of the colors. How God gives us each season to enjoy...Is HE great or what?
Enjoy your break...

Alisun said...

I love family time and travel and when I can learn a little history is the best.
I want to go to Dollywood too. Wow what a great time traveling.
I will pray for your lip to heal without much pain and swelling.

MelanieJoy said...

You had a picture on your header right before this one you have now....I LOVED it!!! Gottcha on my "frig" too!!

Demara said...

Stung by a Yellow Jacket?!?!?! How in the world??? That's scary! (It's probably worse than getting a sliver in the lip from wooden chopsticks while eating sushi, too.) Yikers, that's so awful! Thanks for the prayer, and I totally understand the taking a break from blogging thing. I do that at least bi-monthly or so...see you when you get back!

Joyfulsister said...

Hey Sis..
Come on over when you can I have 2 awards for *U*.

Hugz Lorie

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to hurt your feelings by not commenting on your blog. It's just that I have to limit my computer time to 1/2 hour and be able to get everything I need to do, done. I will have a chance to read it thoroughly this weekend and comment thing. Although, I will probably just call you and if you have time we can chat a bit.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I loved the pictures, especially the one with the church and dinner on the grounds! That's the kind of pastoral appointment I want my husband to receive...kindof like Father Tim in Mitford.

I'm ready whenever God is.


Shirley said...

Loved this post. I love the mountains. I love fall time. God does show His glory in the fall. Visit my blog for my vacation photos. I always take a vacation to the mountains in October. Seven years ago, we visited the Smokey Mountains on our 35th anniversary and I loved it. You are blessed to live so close. Don't get me wrong, I still love my West Virginia mountains.

God bless!

MelanieJoy said...

yep!!! That's the one!!!
I can't wait till you read my post for tonight!

melanie said...

Some very interesting history there!

I miss you! Hope you're enjoying your bloggy break.

Anonymous said...

It looks like I'm going to have some time where I can talk without interuptions today. What times works best for you for me to call?

Mary said...

Ouch! That hurt. I'm sorry you were stung but am glad you didn't let it ruin the day.

I love the Smoky Mountains and have seen them several times in autumn. Amazing and breathtaking.

Enjoy, my friend. Drop by when you have a chance.


Regina said...

Thanks for sharing ! Love the history!!
Thanks teacher!!