Sunday, August 3, 2008

The desire of my heart

Isn't this just the best?
I love the mountains. They make my heart swell with pride in my Heavenly Father.
This is a view Keith took yesterday while at my brothers house.
He lives about 15 miles from lot less if you go by air. ;)
The guys took a hike while the girls did some cooking. It was fun cooking a HUGE sirloin roast on the grill with potatoes and corn. I have never cooked a roast on the grill like this.
Just a hint...make sure your gas does not run out while you are not looking. :)
So the guys took a hike to a nearby place.
Here is a picture of my OLDER bro with one of his boys.
They are holding their arms out in amazement.....because they should be standing under water.

They are standing on the bed of a lake. A lake where they usually have to use their canoe.
But because of the businesses near by (white water rafting) the lake which is normally fed by the river---is dry. Kind of sad...but a neat experience for a boy and his dad.
As you can see in this next picture.......not all activity has stopped here.
See the little sprouts of green coming up?
Now I have to let you know that Keith took these pictures just for me. Did I know that they would find this? Nope...but he knows I love visual lessons.
And yes, this is just what I intend to use these pictures for. :)
This has been my life for awhile now. Seemingly dry and cracked. No fresh running water, rushing over the surface. Not many AHHHHH! moments.
But, every once in a while I have seen the hand of God at work.
A work in me in progress even in the hard times. A little sprout of truth popping up here......a seed that was planted and if the world had its would have perished in the dry ground.
But, there is a spring of living water that runs DEEP in me. It's source will never run dry.
It rushes, and tumbles over the rocks in my soul......clearing out everything in its path.
Clearing the way to the cracks....where soon the living water will begin making its way to the surface. And once will bubble and rush until that dry bed is no more.
Do I have a choice in if it makes it to the had better believe it.
I can pull those little green roots up. I can stop reading the word. I can live a lie on the surface like the Pharisees........and I can stop up the flow.
I can look like this dry spot till He calls me home.
But, thanks be to the God who NEVER gives up!
He never gets tired.
He refuses to give in to a child's tantrums.
He lovingly will smack our patoots when they need reminding who is in charge.
And then He will hold us as He wipes the tears from our faces
and smile when He sees our repentant hearts.
Bottom line.......there is always activity in our lives.
HE works to bring about the perfect plan of His Father.
And we have this promise........that What He began in us......He will complete it!
Dry and cracked sprouts tomorrow.
And then one day.........refreshing for everyone.
And that is really the desire of my bring a renewal and refreshing to those I meet.
What is the desire of your heart?
Love ya!


Sandi said...

enjoyed your post. We all have cracks and some sproud more greens than others but God tend to all of us the same.

Denise said...

I hear you sweet sis, love you bunches.

MelanieJoy said...

Amen Girlfriend amen!! I love that you share your visual lessons and thoughts with us. You and a few other fellow bloggers have been a God send to me during this season and this round of it. My desire....His Will for my life and yes and what ever curve, detour, road block, straight stretch or hill...that comes next! (ok, you can tell I just got of a road trip
haha) Love you!!!! Enjoyed talking!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

These are great visuals and a great teaching. Tend to the green and leave the rest where it lies. God is faithful to provide the lush and the plenty in a soon to breathe season.

We're near Raleigh. Too far, I know. I would love for you to be closer.


Anonymous said...

It would take too long to comment on your blog today with something the Lord showed me too. I hope it encourages you because according to your blog and illustrations, it appears as though we're going through a similar experience. To answer your question? to lay my busyness down and concentrate on WHO is really important in my life and not WHAT!

luvmy4sons said...

I am always encouraged by your faith and your trust as you walk through this dry season. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and for your transparency.

melanie said...

Those are definitley some great photos. God is quite the artist. Sometimes we just have to realize that he isn't quite done yet, even though we think he should hurry up and finish.

Tänia said...

I love visuals! WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Tänia of

Holly said...

Very cool!

The desire of my heart is to have His desires...amd to know how to think about all the "whats" we are facing. Lots of questions that need His leading and answers.

Thank you for praying for me. I will SO miss you in San Antonio--but God will make way for another get together, I know this!

Halfmoon Girl said...

awesome! I have missed these Sharon posts!