Monday, August 4, 2008

It's TIME!

First, before I get to our exciting news I must tell you that I WON something
in a bloggy giveaway from Janera at My Garden Hat!
YEAH me! And thank you again!
It is this marvelous all purpose cleaning product ..which by the way I am told will smell like Rosemary and Mint.....two of my favorite smells! I was very happy!
Will I begin to love cleaning the bathroom? Uh, NO! But at least all will smell divine.
It is made by Gold Canyon and if you would like some of your own you can check out their lovely products ......... Here.

So now for the exciting news!
I would like to do a giveaway to celebrate the goodness of God.
How does that sound?
Because you know God is good and we should want to spread that goodness all around.
Are you excited?
You should be-- because this is something that I wanted to keep myself. ;)
How many of us hate to change purses because it is such a mess trying to reorganize everything?
What if I told you it could be oh so easy?
Today while shopping with Mom I found something that may be old hat to some of you more sophisticated ladies. I thought it was fab..u..lous!It is called a Pouchee.
And if you want to see it all around (inside and out)
you can click on the picture. You put all the important stuff in this little bag and then when you want to change just put it in the new purse. It is about the size of my hand from wrist to finger it is not too big.
So I bought one of these little brown...because Mom got the black.
And if you sign can be all yours!.
And the lady who invented this is giving all the glory to God.
How about that...she sounds like a sister if you have a chance go and read the story.

We will leave this up for a week and next Monday I will draw a winner.
Sign up as often as you wish.
And admit it you know you would just love to have put your name in the drawing
if you are in the US or Canada.
Sorry girls.....I have to limit this one.


Denise said...

You are so sweet sis, that is totally awesome.

Teresa said...

hey i think this is cool.count me in.

Sandi said...

Never heard of it but I love it. Enter me in.

Anonymous said...

Please enter me too. Now about those moldy but you do have a way with words and it cracked me up. Those are the do-it-yourselfers! Looking forward to the "sequel" (so to speak)

luvmy4sons said...

I'm in! You are a sweetie!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

very cool!! count me in!

love your pics from the previous post!!

Theresa said...

This looks like just what I need! Thanks for your genorosity!

Denise said...

I have been missing reading your blog and I am going to get caught up! Your little giveaway is so cute and that would be fun to win..... The past three weeks the Lord has let me play and I have so enjoyed every minute of it, but I am ready to start writing again and reading what you wonderful ladies have had to say....... Love ya and I will be back to read tonight and tomorrow......

melanie said...

I would love to win! This sounds and looks just fabulous.

Amanda said...

I'm in Aust, so understandably I can't be in ;) But I wanted to express how sweet and generous I think you are. This is such a lovely thing to do. God bless you sis. (((Big hugs)))

Darlene said...

This is the coolest thing. A pouchee...I would love to be entered in the drawing for this.
Thanks for thinking of us.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sharon,
I would love to be included in your give away, I have seen your picture of Sisters by blood and I followed it here lol and I am glad I did too I love that pic of the ladies together.. Aloha Lorie

poucheelady said...

Thanks Sharon! Great blog and I appreciate your love for the Lord. I also appreciate your love for your pouchee :).
God Bless,

The Ballinger Family said...

Count me in! That will be really handy.


I just came over to meet you and I didn't realize that I was going to blest by being a part of your give away. It was so nice to meet you. come visit me anytime at : you will be welcome.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Hey, that looks great. I just went to the grocery store and got all the way to the till and realized I didn't have my wallet. Maybe this would help me. Count me in if there is still time.

Nise' said...

I so needed this earlier this week. I took my license, debit and credit card out of my wallet and put it in my wallet on a string on Sat to go to an art fair. On Monday I grabbed my purse and went to the post office and yep, did not have anything to pay with. They know me well enough that I was able to go home and get money and come back.

Mary said...


Please enter me in the draw. I've been looking everywhere for something like this. It is just what I need, as I can no longer carry a purse because of my neck and back injuries. I have to have something small that will hold all my ID and my driver's license. This looks perfect.

Thank you for hosting the giveaway.


Anonymous said...


Tänia said...

How exciting! I love that little gem! Enter me!!!

Thank you so much for sharing it with one of us! I know it will go to the person who needs the blessing the most!

Big hugs!

Tänia of Faith Prints

Janera said...

I surely hope I'm not too late. A pouchee sounds kind of funny, but it looks quite handy! Please count me in.