Monday, January 14, 2008

Catch up

Today has been really busy and I am so tired-and it is just MONDAY!
But... I am not complaining because the onset of the tiredness was because of a
blessing from God.
I was up till 1:oo in the morning today sharing and listening to a little lost sheep
who is coming home.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I may share more about this later. You girls who have been with me awhile--the little lost sheep was my girl Noha. When she left I did a silent scream/dance and gave God a great big
Yes, I think I saw a great big grin on His face.
It has been a long hard six months.
He was working.--

I spent the day running with Paw Paw.
We went to the kidney doctor first. His kidney function has dropped from 20% two months ago to 16%. That was a pretty big drop. The doctor said it could have just been an unusual drop but they will check it again in two weeks. They are giving him a shot every two weeks to see if they can't keep the kidney function a little longer.
The blessing from God today is the fact that the procedure he had just a month and a half ago to get him ready for dialysis--it is ready already. The procedure was to take 3 to 6 months to prepare the vein --but God is working on His own schedule. Thank you Jesus!
The doctor was surprised.
He is also surprised that Paw Paw is not showing more evidence of the cancer that is in the blood and bone marrow. But God is working and in control. I just don't want Paw Paw to be in pain.
After going to get his shot we came home--both of us were pooped.
He took a nap and I got ready for dinner and did some laundry.
I am sooooo tired.

So I did not get to get around much today. Sorry.
I'll check ya'll out tomorrow.
Love you guys.


Regina said...

yes, you do indeed need the rest! what a day for you.

Continued peace

MelanieJoy said...

Yeah God!! Keeping Paw Paw in my prayers.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Great news about Paw Paw. Hope you will have a good sleep tonight and will be refreshed for tomorrow!

Denise said...

and in all things we shall praise Him........ I am glad that things are going as well as they are for PawPaw...... I have always believe that only God knows the hour, minute and second that we are to leave this earth.. the Dr just do not know everything,, It is only when He calls our name that we are loosed from this old body and head home........

and yes I have been out of ministry for about 10 years now and it is very hard on me as I am a teacher and have a teachers spirit.. If you were sitting across the table from me and asked a simple question about the word it would be a while before I would take a breath...ahahha just ask my husband... there is nothing I had rather do than teach....... I am praying that the Lord put me back somewhere...... My spirit man is longing to fulfill what he was called to do...........

Denise said...

Bless you sis, rest. Praying for both you, and sweet paw paw. I love you.

Amy said...

Praise the Lord! That's awesome!

Monkey Giggles said...

Get your rest!

Sweet dreams!

freetofly said...

OHHH! I am so happy with you & for you (& your sheep!)

re, your Paw-Paw, I knew you were dealing with sickness, but did not know particulars, I am sorry for the travail of sickness, but, rejoice that he is outdoing the expectations of the doctors and I do pray for his strength and lack of pain, as you said...

Get you some well-deserved rest! We will be around!

God bless!

Lisa said...

I always think of the 90 and 9. Great news, Sharon!

Things have been hectic and stressful here. Spare a prayer?

Melanie said...

Quite a day! Sorry I haven't been around in a little while- I'm off to catch up on all of your posts.

Edge of Design said...

I felt like that picture yesterday only I got into the chocolate instead. I don't know anything about your daughter but I'm glad that you are encouraged.

Deb said...

Great news!! Love prodigals:) sweet sleep my friend:)
God Bless.

Mary said...

It seems that God is working in wonderful ways with your loved ones.

I am keeping Paw Paw in my prayers. I hope you are feeling less tired soon and get a good night's rest tonight.

Mary said...

Hi, I was over at Connie's and read your comment there and it was so good I had to come over and tell you that I thought that was really getting to the heart of everything in our walk with Jesus!
I hope you are rested up and feel better! Love and Hugs Grams

Andrea said...

A story of a prodigal child...YAY, God!!