Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Family fun

Just a little update on family fun. Sunday we had a great time with Bert Jr and the rest of the clan that had come in from North Carolina. We went to a local seafood restaurant--the first thing anyone born in Louisiana has to have when they have been gone and then come home. Of course the picture is of Paw Paw, Bert Jr., and Sue-my sister in law.
If you are willing to pay the price you can get just about any seafood at this time of the year.
I had oysters-yes, I love them and I don't like cooking them at home. Most everyone else ate shrimp and crabs. Our seafood is boiled with a spicy seasoning mix. We don't just steam in water. You will find garlic, lemon, seasoning mix,potatoes, corn and sometimes andouillie (sausage).

This is my man. There is a family resemblances. Paw Paw said that he had gotten his Christmas already. To have all his children there with him made him very happy. And of course he throughly enjoyed his fried catfish.
The following picture is of both of my sister in laws. I got ready to take a picture of me and one of my nieces(we are about the same age) and the battery went dead. ;)
Keith said I broke it. Thank ya baby!
Today Bert Jr came and got Paw Paw and took him to Franklinton to see granny. They did not get to stay long because the nursing home is having a problem with the flu. But they brought granny a poinsettia and then had lunch after a visit to the farm.
While they were gone I got to go to lunch with Keith. Where did we go? Mexican of course.
Then Keith actually went with me to use some more of my gift card from our anniversary.
I got some more coffee(creme brulee and choc. cherry kiss-we will see if the later is any good) since I am at the end of my Georgia pecan. If you have a Fresh Market in your area you know the incredible things they have especially at this time of year.
I picked up a few things for the kids stockings.
Aren't these guys cute. They are just marshmellows dipped in chocolate. I love the little cloth hats-Julia's dolls will be getting something for Christmas too. Do you know how easy these would be to make? But as you see-I bought them instead. ;)
Hope you had a good day.
Love you guys.
And that is it from my end.


MelanieJoy said...

I know I live in the state but I HATE seafood. I know...I know it's a carnal sin. So if I ever make it down for that visit can we go to the little mexican place :)
Glad you had a good day!

MelanieJoy said...

p.s. More important I'm glad Paw Paw had a great time!! How special.

Deb said...

More great memories!! Loved the pictures, you have an awesome family:)

Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

Looks like great time!

I love it..."Mexican of course!"


Kellan said...

Looks like so much fun and that food looks wonderful to me!! So do the marshmellows dipped in chocolate! Glad you had so much fun. Take care. Kellan

Halfmoon Girl said...

That does look yummy. Those marshmallows are so cute! Glad you had some nice family time and time with hubby as well.

Denise said...

Such wonderful times, glad paw paw is happy. I mailed his card today.

Andrea said...

those marshmallow things are SO cute!!

Edge of Design said...

Ah! A "view" of the real South. Thanks for brightening my day today.

Dee said...

Nice! I thought of you yesterday -- saw a restaurant called Bourbon St. Grill -- DH told me that it featured all 'down south' food! When I looked at the menu, it looked like stuff that you'd like! ;) I've also been seeing red cardinals in our trees -- reminding me of you! D