Sunday, August 26, 2007

Refueled and Refreshed

Want to know what I did Saturday?
Yes, I know you are dying to know--hold on I'm going to tell you.
See the above picture--yes, I know the date is way off--but it is where I was yesterday. Just didn't pull out the camera because I was swim fishin. Yep, that is right, swim fishing. No, I was not swimming around trying to catch them. That would have been a sight to see. It was so hot that we jumped right in and while we swam--we fished. Did we pull them in right and left--nope. Did we get a bite? Nope. Did I have fun? You had better believe it.
My sister in law came over and spent the weekend with Paw Paw at the house-- so I got a little me time. Friday night I had a date with my man. Went to a movie.
Then Saturday I got up and grabbed my bathing suit and pole and headed off to spend some time with one of my girls. IT WAS SO RELAXING! I was glorying in my God. Then my pastor offered to cook for us! It really touched my heart. No, the meal below is not what he fixed. :)
Instead of him cooking, we gave the kids sandwiches and we had a double date! Now, I have been watching what I have been eating for the last 3 weeks. Think maybe I stepped a little off my diet last night? Yep!It was reeally good! I don't normally eat fried food--but I did last night. Shrimp, oysters, catfish, and sorry girls fried livers and I can't leave out the seafood gumbo. YUM!
The picture above is of my pastor on the left and the other bright one is my hubby. Weren't they sweet to pose for ya'll. I told them I needed some recent field trip pictures.
Next, is me and Linda. Yes, I am looking a little rough--but in the country it is come as you are. So, no one even noticed--I hope. I am sporting my glasses because I had to put my new contacts to the side because of a little virus in both eyes. It is getting better, but I miss my contacts. And the bandanna is because after a day swimming---my hair needed a little containing. :)
But at least my girl was looking sweet.
Today I got to have a little more fun. Sorry, I forgot my camera. Wednesday was my baby sisters 35 birthday-- so Mom and I took her out for a little fun after church. Out to eat again.
I'll be paying for it tomorrow on the scale. :(
We went to a steak house and then went to see the new Mr. Bean movie.
The food was good. :)
I'm sorry, it did have it's funny points. Sometimes it was just laughing at how stupid it was.
I can use the "s" word because I shouldn't have any under age readers.
We had a good time and now it is time to get back to reality.
Thank you Tim and Linda--I soooooo needed our time.
And I enjoyed the fellowship even more than the food.
And as you all know--the food was great.
I love you guys and I thank God for giving me you a gift.


MelanieJoy said...

Hey Girl,
I was just about to give you an email shout to see how your weekend went...Kid you not! Looks and sounds like fun! I've spent the weekend helping my sister move into their house. Hot and tired but so enjoyed being able to help. When they lost their house in a fire last summer I had just graduated from college and still had no job. It nearly killed my soul to not be able to help her out then but prayers and God's people are gracious. Have a blessed week.

Karen said...

Aah, it looked like a fabulous weekend. I just wished I could have been there with you all it looked so good. Chilling out, relaxing, enjoying...aaaah, wonderful.

Dee said...

Down time is goooooooooood! Glad you had fun. D

Pastor Lisa said...

OK I was with you till you said fried oysters! LOL!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I was with you until the fried oysters and livers. Glad you enjoyed them though! Looks like a fabulous weekend. We were camping not too far away from our home, so that is why I haven't been around. Got lots of catching up to do here. I will be back later!

BunnyGirl said...

Wow, looks great!

mandy said...


TammieFay said...

So glad you had so much fun! Praying that it refuels your sweet spirit!

Deborah said...

wonderful weekend you had so glad to know that their are people that carry the heart of their leader and give them the space to be just good old friends. love always me