Saturday, August 25, 2007


Karen has tagged me for her Meme "5 things you want your children to know" Here are the Meme instructions:

"I've been thinking lots about the things that I want my kids to know before "they grow up" and thought this is a good thing to meme on...

So the meme challenge is...

Those tagged will share 5 Things You Want Your Kids To Know "Before They Grow Up"

Those tagged will tag 5 people.

Those tagged will leave a link to their meme in the comments section of Claire's post so everyone can keep track of what's being posted.

So let the sharing of wisdom and tagging begin!

PS you DONT have to have kids to do this... "

OK so now for my 5:

1. First I want them to know God is real. Now if you are a Christian you might be tempted to say---duuuuh. But think about it----what does it take deep in your soul to know that you know--HE'S REAL? An intimate encounter. I was an adult before I had my first encounter. It changed my walk. I want them to KNOW God. Intimately.

2. I want them to know that the Bible is not just a book. I want them to know and understand that it is a letter written to them by God before they were born. I want them to know that it will change them and that just when they think they know what it means it will turn around and blow their minds with some new deeper meaning.

3. I want them to know that there is nothing they can do or not do to........ make God love them more. He can not love them any more than He does at their worst.

4. I want them to really know God does not make ugly.

5. I want them to know that this is not all there is. And that even when the world tries to convince them that they have to have it all to be anything--God says they were worth His life when they were nothing and had nothing.

Girls you know I don't usually tag people--but if you would like to participate in this tag make sure you go over to Claire's and let her know.
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Karen said...

These are awesome Sharon. I will pray about things with Michael. I know the Lord uses these things mightily, but it can still hurt like anything during the process. I remember how I was during my teens and even though I appeared really rebellious at times, I was hearing my Mum, hearing the Lord and he pursued me and I am eternally grateful. My dear friend Carin (she's also in my story!) started a blog and she mentioned the oyster and the pearl in her post, which blew me away as you mentioned this too in your comment to me. Do check it out

CrownLaidDown said...

Amen...your list is my own. May it be so for the children of our generation. May they be known for the God they serve and the Christ who lives and the Spirit who reigns.

Thanks for your prayers, Friend!
Praying right back...

Jenny said...

I love your list--especially about how God does not make ugly! I have posted my own list but it is on my homeschool blog.


Claire said...

hiya sharon, thanks for doing the meme! i loved the God doesnt make ugly one! and #1 too - it is so important that our kids know that Jesus is real for themselves, that they meet him and love him too. I've done a shout out to you on my blog for doing the meme. thanks again!

Soleil King said...

I was directed here from fireball's blog. I love the fact that there are parents out there who really cares to teach the Bible to their children. I also made my own list, I hope you visit and read. Here's my blog,

Claire said...

hi - just to let you know i'm compiling a best of the best "5 things" over at my blog... should be finished today sometime if you want to pop over and see what others have written... blessings, claire