Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Need something?

Have you ever felt so thirsty or dehydrated
that you wished you could take the plunge into a huge pool and just soak it in?

The other day I was cleaning the pool and it was soooooooooo hot.
I thought how great would it be just to fall into the cool water
and feel it lift the temperature of my body.
I finished the job and then I fulfilled the wish for a little coolness.
I got out feeling refreshed and so thankful for the clean pool.

There are many times in my walk with the Lord that the way gets rough
and spiritual warfare heats up.
I find myself looking for a place to run--a place with a little quietness
with plenty of time of for refreshing and refueling.
A place where I am accepted, loved and comforted.
I don't have to hope for it.
Dig up enough money to purchase it.
Bribe God to share it.
It is already mine--- because of the promises of the God to whom I belong.

Matthew 5:6-- Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Do you long for something that you can't put your finger on?
Maybe you are longing for what only God can give you.
That endless nagging feeling inside may only be stilled
by the loving finger of the creator of this universe.
What can it hurt?
If we search for Him and call out to Him--He promises us......... He will be found.
Go ahead--what are you waiting for?
Take the plunge!
He will be all you have ever longed for.


Karen said...


I thought you might like to know more :-)

mandy said...

i was dying of thirst on saturday as well..... real bad.
and i had the same scripture flash through my mind.....
on a different, but related note, my prayer lately has been for the Lord to be my addiction.
i have an addictive personality, meaning my cravings usually crave the wrong thing.... so i want HIM to be my primary craving.
i don't think its wrong to crave, i just think its wrong to crave the wrong thing.

Nicki said...

oh sweet friend.......how I needed those words today. Thank you.

CrownLaidDown said...

Longing...trusting...taking the plunge today!
Will you pray for some refreshment?
Love you much in Him, Sharon!

Melanie said...

What a beautiful post. You always have a way of putting things into perspective. It reminds of a conversation my hubby and I had the other day. Our next door neighbors are always buying new things- the classic "keep up with the Joneses" type of people. The other day they had a new hot tub delivered. As hubby and I were talking about this I told him that I thought they were trying to fill an empty feeling- that one that only can be filled by God.

Debrand said...

It was over 100 f the other day. A dunk under a waterfall would have been heavenly. Maybe that's why God uses water as an analogy that we can understand. I love His!