Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Skin You're in

I wrote this several years ago after a morning service. I had been experiencing a time of frustration and I didn't know where it was coming from. Sometimes our discontent or lack of peace is caused by sin or not listen when God is talking. But when you have gone to the Lord and checked these things out and the frustration remains--then it will do you and I both good to remember that we are on SOMEONE'S hate list. He will use whatever tools he can to put us on edge. And he has learned that usually instead of recognizing that he is the one after us we think it is another person, our hormones or God. How he must laugh.

If you are going through something like this now or know someone who is. Encourage them to call out to God. He is listening and He wants to fight for you. Hand the battle over to Him and then it will be your turn to laugh.

She was irritated and angry.
Her skin felt as though it were too tight for her body.
The gentle breeze felt like giant shoves to her overly sensitive skin.
How she hated feeling this way.
She had nearly bitten the head off her child that morning, and given the chance
she would have gladly done the same to her husband.
What was wrong with her?
Nothing........that she could think of.
Maybe that’s what was wrong - everything was going the way it should,
but she felt more agitated everyday.
It got to the point, even a new trinket could not raise her spirits.
And now it was Sunday morning, and she was supposed to be wearing that holy glow.
Yeah right!
She felt like getting in the ring with someone and sharing a little of her inner glow.
She was exhausted.
Approaching the church she quietly slunk in the back door.
Should someone approached her-she was prepared to be busy about something.
She had to get herself straight, or she might as well have stayed home.

Going to her knees in her heart---this is what heaven heard:

Dear God, HELP!
Get ME out of here!
I can’t stand feeling this way.
Change me, forgive me, open my heart to hear Your voice.
Set me free!
Please God, I need You.

And this was heaven’s reply:

My peace I give to you
My peace I leave with you.
Be at peace.

The heaviness that they had placed on her
slid from her head and then from her shoulders to the floor.
She took a deep breath and with its release
She was overwhelmed by peace,
Sweet peace.


MelanieJoy said...

Wow- Sharon that is amazing...

Denise said...

That was beautiful, thanks for sharing.