Sunday, July 8, 2007

She is Holly--what else can I say? What a sweetie!

The day finally arrived and you can see we are having some sunny blue skies. The perfect day to meet my ray of shine shine blogging sista--Holly. I was a little nervous at first, but as we stood in the middle of all the fun things at Cracker Barrel---waiting for our table for 11---I realized that I felt totaly at home. What is Holly like? Can you say sweet? Truthfully. I wish we had had time to really sit down with a cup of coffee just the two of us--maybe I'll have to come see you next Holly. Below are our two men talking. Chris teases Holly about using her hands while talking --but what do I see sticking out in this picture. Hmmmmm--like wife, like husband. :)
Maybe he is talking about a big fish? :)
Paw Paw was along for the trip(front left above). I am not sure that he realized who we were meeting--but he enjoyed the food.
This is what 11 for lunch looks like. We had a great time. Thank you Keith for taking pictures.
Holly holding court. See she is the same in person as she is in blogland. You just enjoy talking and listening to her. She is a ray of sunshine. Notice the cute one in her lap? She is going to be a good listener too.

Now we "posed" for some other pictures but I will not post them. I have a massive problem with my eyes and glare. When Keith took the pictures I was squinting into the sun--let's just say it was not pretty. But here is a passable one taken just before we parted.
I enjoyed getting to meet her four children--they were great. Keith enjoyed playing with Tabor. Yes, I had to ask where that name came from. Great meaning behind that name Holly. Love it! We had lunch and it was over too soon. They have a grueling ride ahead of them, so we only got a little over two hours together. Below you can see their truck on the left. They have great taste in trucks--an avalanche--I have one too. Keith thinks their's is a real truck--it has four wheel drive. ;)

So did I learn anything new about Holly? Hmmmmm--she likes to talk with her hands. A girl after my own heart. Hubby says if you tied my hands I could not speak. She is not a morning person--me either. She loves coffee-----me too. She takes a good picture--what a sweet smile.
She has raised her kids right--they are polite and well behaved. They waited patiently while we talked. Her husband is really nice and comfortable to be around. He is the down home sort. I like that. Over all it was a really nice time. I would love to sit down and have a heart to heart--I think she could handle my brain. She has a big heart!
Well I have gushed quite enough. Pray they have a safe trip home. They will be home sometime late tomorrow. You know her kids have to be good to be willing to spend 12 hours in a vehicle today and 13 tomorrow. Bless her heart---she'll need a vacation from her vacation after all that riding.
Thank you Holly------you were a joy to be around. Looking forward to meeting you in the mountains sometime. :)


mandy said...

what a BLESSING!

mandy said...

ps: thank you for visiting Carole's blog!!!

Karen said...

What a great catch up. Sharon, I too have problems with my eyes! I wear my sunglasses in the winter too, cant' cope with any brightness at all - photophobic. I found myself praying for you in the night, is all well? Hugs.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Glad you had a nice visit. I have a problem with cameras too- they make me have a double chin and add all these weird spots to my face!!! What's with that? Oh, yeah, those are my freckles...

SunnySusan said...

I have met a couple of's fun

Have a good nite

Shelly said...

OHHHH...I just could cry over Jesus!

So glad y'all got to meet. And I pray that He does give you two a coffee date. I am sure it must already be marked on His Kingdom Calendar.

Bless you girlfriend

TammieFay said...

How fun was that?! So glad ya'll got to meet. I'm looking forward to my "blog sista meeting" at Deeper Still, Nashville in September. Isn't this fun?

CrownLaidDown said...

I had a wonderful time, too, Sharon! What a blessing it was to meet you in person. My heart is still full from the gift of it! We just got home (12:00 MST) and I'm off to bed...THANK YOU for the prayers on the way home. We are "tared," which is way beyond tired, I think!
I will write more soon!

Nise' said...

I am so glad that you got to meet face to face! I have been waiting for the "report"! LOL.