Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Say Hi To One Of My Mentee's

Good afternoon!
I am a little late getting by today. We have our next conference coming up next week and with all that has been going on------I thought I had an extra week. Needless to say when I went over to crawl around the attic at Mom's house to get out our supplies and she said something about leaving next week-----I had a little panic attack.
But as I opened different boxes I realized that I had been pretty organized in packing everything need the last time we did this theme three years ago.
We rotate themes on a three year rotation.
Mom had a good laugh when she heard me say, "I love myself".
Sometimes it is good to be organized.
So no panic--we went through all of our room decorations and they are all in good shape.We have a few supplies to pick up from Walmart and then we will be ready to pack all the boxes and study for our teaching times. And Linda I will talk to you tonight about your stuff--don't feel left out---- we have stuff for you to do too. Yes, I know---- you are thrilled. ;)
So that is what I have been busy with.
Next, order of business.
If you notice the title of this post--- one of my mentee's is joining blogland. I love this girl---we have been through the ringer together.
She has a heart for God--and He is teaching her to walk the walk.
You can find Lynn at My Heavenly Wings.
I told her you girls were great.
Do me proud!

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Dee said...

Good at being organized! I'm naturally organized BUT when life gets too busy and others share my space, things get out of order and I try, try, try not to be obsessed. Soooooooooo... D

mandy said...

hey sweet sister....
i just caught your comment on my worship blog. wow.... it hurts my heart! but, be encouraged: the most powerful worship i've experienced at my church happened a few weeks ago when we all sang the doxology together a cappella.... it was so powerful to hear all the voices united in harmony!
press on in the Lord. i pray that your church will find a worship minister as well....
blessings to you today.

eph2810 said...

Hehe - I am only 51% addicted to blogging :)