Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Drawing

One of my girls is having a drawing over on her blog
-Karen's Ramblings.
How many of us have had dreams and wondered what they meant.
Or if maybe it was just because of the movie we watch a week ago?
She is giving away a Christian book on Dreams.
Since I have not found a JOSEPH lately--this would be
fun and cool to have.
Go and check out this drawing.
Karen will be drawing for this book on the 22 of this month.

I have an Orthodontist appointment this morning(only a little over a month left--yeeehaw!) so I will be back later for my regular post.
See ya later.
And while I am here I just have to say--
I LOVE you guys!
May God fill your hearts with His love in a special way today.
May He give you a little glimpse of our heavenly future.
May your feet walk this earth but your heart walk in the heavenlies.
Walk like the PRINCESS you are!
Maybe leave off the royal wave. :)
Give them a hug instead.
They spread good health you know.

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