Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Believing God

A few years ago I did a study by Beth Moore, the title---Believing God.
In that study we learned 5 truths that we could repeat to ourselves to ingraine
those truths in our brains.
You know-- if it is true that when you put garbage in-- you get garbage out.
Then ,if you put truth in-- you will get truth out.
One of the things she suggested we should do was to wear a blue string
to remind us to practice and say the 5 truths. It sounds silly--but it is sound spiritual advice.
We find it in scripture when it tells us to renew our minds.
Renew our minds with what the Bible says and get rid of what the world says.
This world does not have the right to write my future--It was written by God before time began.
"I know the plans I have for you( God speaking), plans for good and not for evil---plans that will give you hope and a future."
No, that was not verbatim but it gives you the idea.

Lately I have started wearing my bracelet again.
This time I am not saying the 5 points for myself--but for my friend.
Will that work?
Scripture says it will.
It promises that what I bind on earth will be bound in Heaven.
What I loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.
As God's children--God has empowered our words with the gift of His power.
Does that mean that I can do my own will?
Using God's power like a magic wand?
No-- our words have to line up to God's word and His will.
Why am I going on and on--sorry, that is me.
The point.
My friend.
Here name is Noha.
I have known her since she was in junior high. She was raised in a fairly strict Musilim family and I worked with her Mom in the restaurant business. I loved her mom dearly--still do.
I shared my love for God with them when they gave me the chance. I served them and loved them. God had given me a real burden for Laila, Noha's Mom.
Laila, was my first real burden from God.
One day out of the blue Noha came to me and asked me to introduce her to my Savior.
I sat on my couch and took this young woman to the feet of Jesus.
I would like to say that all the rest of the family joined her in this decision, but it did not happen.
She was despised and treated horribly. They turned their backs on her.
Her mother will no longer speak to me---she is my heart. One day she will be my sister.
I began to mentor Noha. We studied the Bible and I saw great changes and heard testimony of God speaking and working through her.
Several months later I attended her wedding--none of her family was there.
She married a Christian man that is much older than her--she is in her 20's.
A month or so ago I noticed that she was changing--becoming more distant.
After only about a year and a half of marriage--she left.
We were all floored. Especially her husband.
I won't go into all the details. But she is drifting back to those she knew.
There is not a question in my mind that she belongs to the Lord.
We have been praying that God would give us wisdom about how to pray for her.

First-- I was to pray the 5 points.(----what God wanted me to add)
I believe that God is who He says He is in Noha's life--her Savior
I believe that He can do what He says He will do--rescue her from the pit
I believe she is who He says she is--His daughter
I believe she can do what He says she can do--see the devil for the deceiver he is
I believe that God's word is active and alive in her today!

Second--God showed a friend of mine the necessity of studying the parable of the sower and ask God to show us which one she was. I believe that God showed me that she was the plant that sprang up and the scorching heat came up and it wilted.
So God told a friend that, just like God was the cloud that protected the Israelites by day--we were to pray that He is the cloud of protection over her.
Cool picture isn't it?

Of course I would love for you to join me in prayer for Noha. Her family is looking at her to see if what she said she believed- really works. Their eternal salvation is on the line.
Years of strongholds held by satan need to be broken.
Is there someone in your life that God has given you a burden for?
Our words are mighty and powerful to the pulling down of strongholds.
Ready to pull down some strongholds with me?
We won't go forth in our own power--our God is going before us!
We will walk forth on Holy ground.
He will claim the territory we just have to go forward and stand on it.

Are you in?
Let's start on our knees.

My friend at her shower.


Karen said...

I will be praying tonight for your friend Sharon. What a heart you have!!

Jenny said...


You are an amazing friend! I am so touched by you devotion to the Lord and your calling to be a sister in Christ. Prayers are being lifted up right now my friend.


Shelly said...

Wow...powerful. And you can see the joy of Jesus on her face in that photo.

I agree with you in the spirit sister over those words for her life. I trust our God to be orchestrating things behind the scenes.

Debrand said...

Excellent post. What a heart you have!

My Heavenly Wings said...

Good morning, sis! I know that this is doing some overtime working on your heart and I'm so sorry that you are hurting. I don't know why but I feel that I need to tell you this scripture that says, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me. I will be found by you, says the Lord, I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes. I will gather you out of the nations where I sent you and bring you home again to your own land."

Amy Kate said...

I found your blog through another blog friend's and I'm so glad that I did. I read some of your posts and love the heart that is behind them. I will remember to pray for your friend, and just know that the Lord doesn't let His little ones run away forever. I'll definitely visit again. Oh yeah and your profile pic is just so cute! Have a great day!

Nicki said...

Whew....I'm with ya!! On my knees too!! Have a great day!!

mandy said...

i remember those 5 points....
you wear that blue bracelet, sharon.

Karen said...

Morning...before I dash off this morning, I wanted to let you know that I had been praying for your friend and had a strong impression, 'vision' during prayer, involving a black panther and the sword of the Lord - please remind me to tell you about it in full when I get back later today. Because I tend to forget in my old age!!

Bev Brandon said...

thanks Sharon for the prayer...i checked my head---nope...i have even checked in the refrigerator...can't read your blog YET w/o bad eye strain but..thank you for your kind word

Karen said...

Thanks for reminding me. As I started to pray last night for your friend, I immediately had a sense of evil, a stronghold not wanting to go. I could see a female black panther with green gleaming eyes and she was looking straight at me, not wanting me to persist with my prayers. She was furious, malevolent and the closer I came to her, the more she was ready to pounce. I was feeling afraid at this sudden 'vision' and asked the Lord - do I press through or retreat or what, as this was a very angry being, wanting to pounce and devour. I sensed female, a spirit of control and witchcraft. Anyway, the next picture I had was of a mighty sword - a gleaming huge sword that blinded the eye with it's brightness, and I believe it was at this point that the Lord gave me strategy for overcoming and for group prayer (as in others coming in agreement). Take up the sword of the Spirit, proclaim truth, scripture over your friend and over the strongholds. The gleam and immense light that radiated from the sword caused the black panther to retreat, to be blinded, dazzled and fearful. The power of the word, the mighty presence of the Lord was exposing the darkness, saying no to control and threats and intimidation.

Sue said...

Praise God, He is faithful!!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

we will all pray together.

CrownLaidDown said...

I'm in! Praying for Noha, friend.

What a lovely heart God has given you, Sharon...
Praying for you, too!

SunnySusan said...

You do have an amazing heart Sharon
I will pray the the strongholds be broken by the Lord....

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Excellent post. You are a wonderful friend.

In his endless love,

Angel (Angel Mama)

Karen said...

Me again. Was thinking upon the panther. Feelings were that it represented witchcraft, 'female' control, death, darkness. That is why the light and the power of the sword of the Lord was so awesome. Out of interest I 'googled' for some info. about panthers and turns out it is very symbolic to pagans, wicca's as a female symbol, seen as 'Mother'. Anyway, Father wants to make himself known deeply to Noha and his family and his Word is all powerful, life giving and creative!