Monday, July 16, 2007

You have touched my heart

I thought it might be time to write something witty or light but my heart is full and I just can not "go there". So here is some of what is going on in my heart.
Four of the blogs that I normally read--are taking blogging breaks. Two others are going through a really rough time.
I was over reading some really precious posts on-- To Know Him and Holy Experience. Please go read them if you have time.
I am hurting for my sisters. My heart is full and tender. I love them.

I find lately that my heart is really tender. I am almost an embarrassment to myself as I listen to the things people are talking about and I so want to heal their hearts. I want to hold their hearts in my hands and not let anymore hurt in. My heart hurts for them and my eyes well with tears and I just want to help. And so I pray.

A few weeks ago someone asked me why I seemed to care so much about what people were going through. Why did I feel like I needed to be involved in the lives of people I knew. Why not just mind my own business?

At first I was hurt and then I got mad.
Mind my own business when one of my family is hurting?
I don't think so!
Do we have a problem jumping in when our blood sisters and brothers are going through a rough time. We get involved--ask if there is something we can do to help. And, if they aren't doing what they should be doing--we might even get "in their face". They are our family--they are part of us.
Why do we think that our spiritual blood connected family should be any different.

If my Father came to me and said, "Sharon your sister is really hurting. She is not going to tell anyone because she does not want to be an inconvenience. Would you please go and love on her for me?"
You better believe I am going to jump up and go!
And you know what? He is not going to send me out unprepared.
He promised to shed abroad His love in my heart. He fills me with love, so that my heart is tender-and when it is squeezed by the hurt of others--love comes out.
And, I do unto others as I would want them to do for me.
Am I doing it for pay back at some time?

I read this on Holy Experience and it really explains it all. If you get a little extra time-- go read the full post.

Lord, in the end, love is all there is. What curtain can I sweep back today, to reach past that which distances us, and touch someone? I want to grow into skin like Yours.
Dear God to have skin like Yours! Skin that is sensitive and tender. When did you ever see someone hurting and turn your back like you didn't notice? Never! And I want to be like my Daddy. I want to talk like you, live like you, love like you, hurt like you. I want to be You.
When others see me-- I want them to see You. Dear God keeping loving through me. I give you this vessel to love through-- even when others reject it as not good enough. You are good enough and they rejected you--why would I think I should be treated any differently. I want to love as deeply as you loved me--unconditionally.


SunnySusan said...

Hey Sharon

Been kinda scarce lately...I am being pruned and just needed the time to sit in Dad's arms...KWIM

Love ya sista

Gledwood said...

What you are writing about is some emotional see-saw thing ... come on we all do it! Don't beet yourself up about it it is perfectly normal to feel empathetic and involved and then less so by turns. That is just called being human!

Hey I put your blog in my "roll"!
So congratulations ...
... all the best



Halfmoon Girl said...

Love this post. If only this was the focus of all Christians. It is totally a "God Thing" to love others like Him. When we are near Him, we are more equipped to be sensitive to each other and to see past the facades...

My Heavenly Wings said...

Hey sis! I just want to tell you something that really touches my heart. I used to think that because I felt those kind of feelings for people when they hurt or whatever they may be going though that I was a weak person. You made me see that that is the gift of mercy and that it can be used in good and bad ways. Well I just want you to know that lately I've seen so much mercy coming from you in so many ways. I know that you've always been very tenderhearted and loving but I believe that lately God is tenderizing you so much more and I am so blessed to watch it happen in you. I love you so much!

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

This line:

"And you know what? He is not going to send me out unprepared.

He promised to shed abroad His love in my heart. He fills me with love, so that my heart is tender-and when it is squeezed by the hurt of others--love comes out."

I needed to be reminded of that: He doesn't send us anywhere unprepared. He will fill us with the love to pour out.

You bless me.

All's grace,

Shelly said...

I felt your tender heart's concern and prayers today. Thank you sweet sister. I am left speechless at how God has used this crazy blog world to do a work for Himself and in me. I've laughed and giggled about it until I've slapped my knees, but today, I just sat still in awe and extreme humility.

That He would care for me enough to allow your heart to be tender towards us hurting sisters. (And vice-versa). I confess that I was all bowed up on the inside much of today, not bringing my emotions to Him as I should. I know your prayers were a vessel He used to allow me to have the much needed emotional breakdown that I did in His sweet hands.

Thank you girlfriend. Wishing I could give you a big hug and eye-to-eye moment on this one.

Cling to that tender heart. It is rare as we can become so numb to the pains in this world. It is a gift. Don't let anyone tell you differently! His heart is one that aches over His is of Him.

Jenny said...

Wow! I am ultra sensitive as is my older daughter. I never equated it to skin like His. I have alwys thought that God called Ellie to be sesitive for a purpose but sometimes others tell me she needs to toughen up. Your thoughts really help me to This puts the comments from others who mean well into perspective.


Pearls of Wisdom said...

I am a very empathetic person and can feel others pain. I have always been told it is a gift but it hurts all the same at times. I love being able to love, prayer for and feel for others too. You are a wonderful person . I will be praying for you and your friend tonight. I have seen a couple of blogs I really enjoy too quit blogging or take breaks lately also.

Your blog and posts are wonderful.

In his endless love,

Angel ( Angel Mama )