Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just some thoughts

Our theme in our conference that will be starting this coming week is
LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. This is one of the little crafts they will make. It is silly but I will help them remember that we are to be a light for God here in a dark world.

I am back from my orthodontists visit. I am now sporting my last wires and a conglomeration of new rubber bands. I can not talk quite as loud or eat well with them in. But since I use my fingers for this--I am not hindered at all. Sorry!
Can you tell I just love to talk? I am not into a lot of girly stuff--I love talking about the Lord and deep things. And that frustrates some people-- because they just don't get me. But I am not complaining because my thoughts keep me company. And the funny thing is that we have great conversations about God. I am sure He enjoys listening. :) I probably give Him a few belly laughs everyday.
So if you think my thoughts are strange sometimes--at least you get the edited ones. :) Can you even imagine what He gets from everyone every day? Good thing he IS patience.

Today I stopped by my favorite store for some coffee. Now normally I just get that from Walmart but I have a gift certificate so I wanted to use the rest of it. I picked up some Almond Amaretto coffee. I will let you know tomorrow how it is.

Anyhoo--on the way home I was talking to God. Telling Him that I loved Him and how great I thought He was. Yes, sometimes I even get a little embarrassed when I do this. But, He loves me so it is o.k.
While I was talking to Him I saw in my minds eye a young girl reaching down and scooping up something to throw it in the air. It swirled around her and made her smile.
She walked on, causing what was lingering around her feet to swirl around like fog distributed by a passing breeze.
As I thought about this picture it appeared to me that I was the girl. (notice that the description was--young girl :) What I had been doing when I opened my mouth to worship and praise God was stirring up the glory of God. Doesn't scripture say that the glory of God covers the face of the earth. What then would stir it up and move it around ? --US.
When we walk in the Spirit and live for the Lord--our lives become an act of worship. Where
ever I go- if my life is being lived for Him-- I stir up His glory. When I go into a store and I talk to people working there and share His gentleness and love through my words---they are touched by His glory. Can you imagine after being touched by all the yuck of this world how sweet His glory must feel? Maybe we leave them wanting more of whatever we have. We plant little seeds that leave curious.
I really enjoy thinking about the things that are taking place all around us in the Spirit.
It is not something that we talk about much. But we have to know that if we are called to be light in a dark world----what is that light? It is the glory of God. If my actions and words are not pleasing to God--then I am putting a bushel over the light. He glory is not only not being stirred up but it is being doused by our words and actions.
So our goal-----Let our light shine and stir up His glory.

What do you think?


Karen said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. What a blessing. Lovely to be called one of your girls. Our Daddy has it all in hand doesn't he? I'm going out now with Miss 4 but will be back later to comment on my fav blogs and bloggers :-)

Shelly said...

Girl! I think you need to be preaching! lol...Nevermind - you arleady are and I praise Him for that.

Powerful illustration and reminder.

And I adore your thoughts. Just like they come! :)

CrownLaidDown said...

Thanks for stirring His Praise up today Sharon! I will stir with you, OK?

Pray for Chris and me, as we have some decisions to make in the next week in the realm of finances...need Him to pour out some wisdom on us, as we walk it out! I covet your prayers!

Praying for your light to shine, as you go,

~Pam~ said...

Hi Sharon,
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! :)

I enjoyed reading your post and guess what?? I have braces on my teeth as well. I can't wait to get them off, which should be in September!!!

Take care


Karen said...

I have just had a chance to read and enjoy your posting. It seems that I am reading a lot of references to light and shine right now, so this was encouraging too, and I loved the picture that you had of the breeze and the glory. How beautiful, just like you :-)

Amy Kate said...

I remember the days of braces (be sure to wear your retainers after they come off or they'll end up like mine). I loved your illustration that was beautiful! Have a great day dear friend. Oh and I read a previous post where you shared some of your past (I think it was the one a/b mentors) and I was just shocked at how similar it was to mine!I'm so glad I found your page, it's so encouraging to see God working in the life of someone who's been where I've been!

MelanieJoy said...

Wow- seems we share similar thoughts today - walking in the Spirit!

TammieFay said...

What beautiful thoughts! Thank you for sharing them with us. Our lives are to be worship in His eyes...let it be, Lord!

You keep having all that coffee talk and I'm just gonna have to make a trip down there! Wouldn't that be fun?

Connie Barris said...

I'm sitting here sipping coffee otherwise I'd be wanting a big ol cup of java..

but the rest of your post does make me want to Praise Him and wrap my arms around Him.. but I think my arms are way TOOOOO small... fortunately His arms are just the right size for us all..