Monday, June 4, 2007

Marriage Monday

Christine over at Fruit in Season is asking some questions about vacations this week for Marriage Monday. And since we will be leaving at the end of this week for our first vacation this summer--I thought it would be fun to join in.
  • Do you take vacations as a family, with just your husband, or both? We do a little of both. Each summer we have two conferences we do. It is work but there is also time for play. We take our children and they attend the conference while we teach. Our parents and my sister and her family go with us. It is kind of like a family reunion and vacation all wrapped in one. Keith and I also make a point of trying to get away ever so often by ourselves. It is great to remember that we love being alone just the two of us. Sometimes it is only for a night or two--but it is necessary and good.

  • What are those vacations like? Guess I have already answered this. Our conference are busy but fun. We usually try to take a day or two after to unwind. Do they wear you out or refresh you? Our conferences do wear us out but we end up coming home refreshed. In January Keith and I would like to take a trip to Aruba. We are beginning to plan the trip. We went to St Martian for our tenth anniversary--it was fun. He loves to dive and this trip will be around his birthday--so happy birthday will be taken care of this year. We will see how the plans carry out now that we have Paw Paw with us.

  • Do you schedule regular date nights? No, we used to. We need to get back to this. I guess Paw Paw could babysit. If so, do you talk about your children (if you have them) or have a children-free-conversation rule? We don't really have a no kid rule. We talk about what ever we feel like.

  • Do you have family out of town and if so, how often do you visit them? My brothers live in TN and N.C., so when we go to our conference in N.C. we usually stop and visit both of them. This time I will get to meet my newest nephew. Is it stressful or relaxing to visit? No, it is not stressful. We are all used to the massive amount of kids running around. I don't like being around a lot of people for too long--it tends to drain me. But I can take it for a limited time.

  • How do all these things affect your marriage relationship? How funny you should ask. Keith seems to think I change while I am around my family. I become the mother figure-or so he thinks. I guess old habits are hard to fight. But when you grow up taking care of everyone--you slip easily back into that role. Which is good for him and his Dad since I am now taking care of the both of them. Yes, my taking care of everyone can cause a little strain in our marriage. He thinks I should be able to sit with him and let the world move on around us. Not going to happen. Who could sit back and watch their Mom serve everyone when it is supposed to be her vacation too? I think the real point is that he does not like to see me worn out when I am supposed to be relaxing. There is a time to be a Mary and a time to be a Martha. Vacation with family is Martha time.
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Christine said...

You make a great point about Mary time and Martha time. And I supposedly change when I'm with my family to! Jason has always told me that.

Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I love reading what women are writing when it comes to Marriage Monday. I feel like I could write the book on "what not to do", having had a failed marriage over 12 years ago. But there is someone "new" in the picture (well, not THAT new, over a year now) and we have plans for a future, so it's SO important to me to talk to and read and learn what other people find important and what works. Thanks!

Alycia said...

Your conferences sound so interesting and I bet that is a great time for you to connect. Although you are busy, working in a joint effort is such a blessing! I enjoyed reading your post! Blessings!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

I love your perspectives and your post. Thanks for sharing. Your conferences sound fun and interesting.

Angel ():)

Nise' said...

When we would go visit my mom when my dad was still alive, I wanted to revert back to letting them both take care of me! Sometimes, I just need my mommy! Enjoyed reading your post. Aruba, awesome! We keep talking about where we should go when our youngest graduates high school, but haven't come up with anything we both agree on yet! We have 3 years to figure it out!

Lynn Donovan said...

Hi Sharon,

Your post was interesting and filled with great thoughts. I see such a servant in you. I too tend to list toward Mary.

I am hoping the trip to Aruba is awesome for you both. Blessings, Lynn

Heart of Wisdom said...

Good post. At first I thought you wrote the wrong Marriage Monday and then realized I did. Opps..well it was about time and vacations.


Betty Jane said...

Thank you! My husband has to remind me when we are with either family to relax - and sometimes helping and serving outside of home works for me but the reminder is always welcomed! Thanks to our dear God who knows we need men in our lives to hold us up in such a manner! Blessings -