Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oh the heart

Last night we were informed that one of our men at church is missing. He is a young Christian who's wife divorced him after this change. He has two small boys.
He used to be a tree climber and two years ago he fell sixty feet while cutting out some limbs. He spent a massive time in recovery and as a church we some some incredible answers to prayers concerning his health.
Please pray that he is found. His name is Danny.

It would seem that our little body is under some real attack. I wish that you knew all the ins and outs of the Spiritual battles we have been fighting as a church lately. I know Satan is trying to shut us down. And I know that nothing can happen that God does not allow.
Please pray for our little body of believers. Pray that we stand in the authority that we have been given by God. That we fight the battle we need to fight and that we don't get side tracked on issue and battles that God wants us to ignore.
Thank you for your heart.
Pray without ceasing.

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Debrand said...

Don't believe him. He's a liar.

God prevails ALWAYS. Keep your focus on Him ONLY and He will corrects everything around you and yours.

God bless.

Dee said...

Yes, the faithful church today is under much persecution and trials. Praying for Danny -- he must be going through a tough time. Don't give up. D

Debrand said...

Sharon, just remember - He'll never tell you the truth. He has no right to talk to you. You have been bought by the blood of Jesus. You are a King's kid with inheritance rights. He's defeated, nothing, and the biggest liar.

God bless.

FlipFlop Mom said...

YES!! YES!! I'll be praying!!! ON both accounts!!

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying, Friend! I love the fact that your church will come out of this test shining like Gold! Praying for that purifying to do every last work that God allows and praying for strength and joy and endurance.