Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Could you save another's life?

I have been debating about sharing this..... for a couple of days. But, I was over a Leigh's this morning and she was talking about Faith, and God not acting because of our lack of faith--so I decided to share.
This may not be for everyone--I understand.
But, this is my journey and what, and who I am.
So here goes.

At the end of this past week we heard that one of our church members was missing. He has a long story. Bottom line is that because of some major accidents-this man was told he would spend the rest of his life on strong pain meds and would never drive again. He is in his early 30's, I think. He has faced some incredible changes in his life the last three years--one of those changes being salvation.
Saturday afternoon I got a call from my pastor's wife, telling me that Danny was missing and that a note had been found and all his meds were missing. We have a habit of passing the news along by phone, so that prayer can start. It is amazing how the word spreads. Our body is a praying body.
During the night I did not get much sleep. His house is out in the country and he had no car-- so we knew he had gone into the woods to end his life. The police had been called out and the dogs.
No one found anything.
As I woke during the night praying, asking for God's protection-the words that kept coming to my mind were, "he will live and not die". So I began to thank God for this word. Passionately praying that God would be glorified and not satan.
The next morning we arrived at church to a very quiet atmosphere. Brother Tim, asked us to come to the altar and pray. Many were already thanking God that Danny was a Christian and they knew he was with God. Some presumed he was dead.
Now I do want to say that- we pray according to where we are spiritually and how old we are spiritually. But, it is the praying that counts. The action of Faith is realizing that we can go to God with everything. God holds you responsible for what you know and what you have learned. I should not expect from a new born what I expect from a grown adult.
Just like there were children there Sunday morning who did not know and understand the full facts of what was happening--there were also young Christians who did not understand fully the battle that was happening in the Spirit world. Does this make sense?
So we all went to the altar to pray. When it was my turn to pray--I was angry. Angry at Satan and how he was trying to destroy our body one by one. So like David, in the Psalms, I began to call for God to come to our aid. I told Him how angry I was. The fact that we are His body, called by His name and we needed Him. How He is the Lord of the host of heaven's armies, and we needed Him to bring in the forces to fight on our behalf. The next thing that came to my mind was that I needed to proclaim what I had heard during the night. "He shall live and not die"
Now, let me tell you that this so went against my flesh. His sister was kneeling close by--and honestly I thought, now if I proclaim this and give her hope and they find him dead--how horrible would that be? And how embarrassing that would be for me.
Pride--we must fight it!
So, I told God I would do what He asked of me-no matter what. I would be obedient. I opened my mouth and said, I don't know why I need to speak this out loud but I will speak what God is saying and I said---"You will live and NOT die!"
I wish you could have felt what went through my body as I spoke that. It was amazing.
As soon as I spoke it, I had a picture go through my mind of Danny leaning against a tree in the woods--when I spoke those words I had heard a gasp of breath and saw his chest swell as he took in a deep breath of air.
I don't remember what I prayed after that.
Even now as I recount the details I feel the power of God in my body.

After church we went over to the families house to bring lunch and sit with them while they search the woods and waited for news.
I looked through some of his things, writings and drawings, to see if God would tell me anything else. The only thing I kept seeing in my minds eye was Danny limping up the gravel driveway. He had his arms held out and his head down, as if to say, "I'm sorry I don't know why I did what I did".
So I stayed for awhile and then went home at peace. It was over for me.

While on the phone Monday morning sharing what had been going through my head with one of the ladies of the church--Keith called in.
I switched over and heard him say, "Danny's home".
"He came walking up the driveway this morning--his mom said he crawled home".
My heart swelled---know what I mean?
Thank ya Jesus!
My faith had been made sight.

I will see him tonight at church.
I will have to thank him for God using him to further my faith.

Will you pray in faith, believing God?
Or will you accept the ways and words of this world?
How many times have we limited the actions of God because of our lack of faith?
Will you believe?


Nicki said...

WOW!!!! What an amazing experience!! You have a gift, I hope you see!!! How amazing, how awesome and how powerful God is!! I'm rejoicing with you that he is safe. God is good!Thank you for sharing!

Christine said...

Wow, what an amazing story! If anyone ever doubts that God speaks to us through others, reading this would change their minds! You were faithful to the words zgod was speaking to you. Praise God!

CrownLaidDown said...

So glad to hear Sharon! I prayed a few days ago for Danny when you asked...I will continue to pray for this hurting young man. I'm praising God that when He spoke, you believed and therefore spoke! Praise Him! Glory!

Halfmoon Girl said...

We so can limit God when we think from our perspective. Stepping out in faith can be hard, but can sure grow your faith.

Karen said...

That is awesome. I'm so glad you did not allow fear or anything else to stand in your way. I could just imagine you filled with righteous anger, warring on behalf and proclaiming life and truth. Yay! Have a wonderful conference. xxx

D said...

That's an awesome story!! Thanks for sharing it. D

Sue said...

oh my, what an incredible testimony of the faithfulness of our amazing God!!

Praise Him!!

Melanie said...

That is an amazing story. It's wonderful that you did not allow pride to stand in the way of what God was doing! What an awesome step of faith you took!