Friday, April 20, 2007

Can you rejoice? 2nd post-suprises in the first!

Can You hear me now?

In the mornings, as Julia is getting ready for school, we like to watch Joyce Meyers. I love that she is able to see a strong Godly female role model. She likes Joyce, and if I forget it is time for her to come on, Julia will remind me with a statement something like this, "Isn't it time for that lady to come on?".

This morning Joyce was talking about the Prodigal son. She was talking about how the father was so glad the son had returned and how he had special gifts to give him. I don't remember reading anywhere that the prodigal said, "No, keep the gifts I am too guilty to enjoy them". Although you know he thought it. But, you know the older brother made a point of pointing that out.

Joyce said, (and I paraphrase)--there are things that God is going to give you and you don't have to feel guilty or not enjoy them because of someone else. They don't know where you have been or even the depth of what that gift from God cost you.

I have soooooo walked this path!
The last several years have been full of amazing gifts from God. Those things have not been physical, like a car or a new home, rather they have been mental and emotional. Things like the ability to love and trust. Not only Him, but people around me. I praise Him for that and you can believe I am going to talk about it. The other things is an understanding of scripture and a desire to see others understand it also. Truth is freedom. God's word brings freedom!

This week I left group a little discouraged. God is speaking to me-- so I spoke. Now, I understand that not everything that God is teaching me is for everyone else. But, should I not be able to be excited about what God is saying and speak about it. Yes, if God tells me to hold it to myself, I do.

I love God. I want others to know that they can get beyond themselves and get lost in Him. I have not arrived. But, if we who have walked on-- do not open our mouths to tell how we got where we are---then we hide the truth.

I was over at Thus Far The Lord Has Helped Me, and she was talking about beating ourselves up in our thought life. She pointed out that He already took the beating--we don't have to. Yes, you are going to be persecuted--that's a promise. So I guess the real point is, are you willing to take a beating to be able to sing the praise of our Master and King?

Will you be willing to open your mouth and not care what those in bondage say?
I am where I am today- because someone opened her mouth and spoke of freedom. Something that I thought and said could never happen. I'm sure if I had been able to speak those words to her face, it would have hurt. But now I am free and I love her for it.

God does not tell us it won't hurt. The truth is not ours--it is His gift to people. Would you, in love, be willing to tell the truth and enjoy the gift God gave you---- even if it hurts?

Sorry for my rambling--hope this makes sense.


Halfmoon Girl said...

again- so encouraging to visit you! My SIL, who is a non-blogging "lurker" LOVED your post on your dog setting off the alarm!

SunnySusan said...

I really needed this today, thanks Sharon

kissesfromheaven said...

I love Joyce Meyer! She's the one that can make you laugh and then cry in a minute because of the truth that comes forth. In sharing with others what God has spoken to me..if they're not ready for it, they may not receive what I say. But I have seen, that weeks or months later they all of a sudden have a light bulb of understanding go on. We are responsible to share the truth, in love of course. We're not responsible for how people receive it or not. So keep sharing the truth of God's Word and His blessings for each one of us. The light bulb will come on sooner or later. And don't allow the enemy to bring condemnation upon you for opening your mouth. Keep speaking honey. :)

CrownLaidDown said...

No, not teasing, but I do have cousins here who build wonderful houses (about 6000 square feet and up)...I bet they could always use another brick see, now I've gone from teasing to tempting
:) (Chris calls that messin' in someone's business).

Love ya!

Nise' said...

I love this..."The truth is not ours--it is His gift to people".
I want to give credit where it is due. Some of the quotes in my post you are referring to are not mine but are Lisa's The Preacher's Wife
from her Online Bible Study "I Am So You Don't Have" to Be" that she opens to anyone who wants to participate.

Nise' said...

I almost forgot to say! Hey... we have almost the same birthday! Mine is one day before yours! BUT I am 5 years older...but not as full of wisdom as you are my sister! *smile*. I somehow found myself on your xanga site and saw your BD there! Anyhoo, I always hated being the youngest kid in my class? But now I LOVE it as they all hit the milestones before me! LOL

Sharon said...

September is a great month. You miss getting caught up in all the holidays. My husbands birthday is January 1st--bad for him and the one who has to find Christmas and birthday back to back.
My sister-in-laws birthday is the same as yours.
And you don't look five years older.

eph2810 said...

Yeah, your 'rambling' makes sense. I used to be hurt then people said "How can you believe what the Bible says?"...Well, I have to remember that people who don't know Him yet, are blinded by lies. Lies that the evil one likes to spread...

Thank you for sharing, Sharon :)