Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stars Singing?

Years ago I began to wonder if creation had an awareness of God the way we do. The birds sitting in the tree singing out their song--are they sing for someone? Mayby they just like to hear their own voice. We do sometimes. But that thought just did not sit well with me because I don't think they are capable of pride.

So, I would often hear their voices raised so beautifully and I would wonder, if we could still communicate with them like Adam, what would they be saying? Would we find that they are thanking God for their worms, or that they are just singing-- Holy, Holy, Holy, like the angels.

I think that they may both be the case. Years ago someone said that even the stars are singing out the praises of God. Stars singing? But they have no mind.
In the book of Job we find that the Bible says they do sing.
I thought, well maybe it is just figurative language. Here are the verses.
The Lord is speaking to Job--
Job 38: 6-8
On what were its footing set,
or who laid it cornerstone--

while the morning stars sang together
and all the angels shouted for joy?

Now science would have probably and have probably scoffed at the Bible in the past for saying such a foolish thing. But God in the book of Isaiah, tells us that His ways are higher, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. And yet, they still have thought
the things of the Bible as foolishness.
For shame!

Two days ago as I came into my Yahoo home page, this is what I saw. The picture of the sun above and this article. Notice the first sentence.

Snagging orchestra seats for this solar symphony would be fruitless, however, as the frequency of the sound waves is below the human hearing threshold. While humans can make out sounds between 20 and 20,000 hertz, the solar sound waves are on the order of milli-hertz—a thousandth of a hertz. Astronomers have recorded heavenly music bellowed out by the Sun’s atmosphere.

The study, presented this week at the Royal Astronomical Society's National Astronomy Meeting in Lancashire, England, reveals that the looping magnetic fields along the Sun’s outer regions, called the corona, carry magnetic sound waves in a similar manner to musical instruments such as guitars or pipe organs.

Making music
Robertus von Fay-Siebenburgen of the Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Center at the University of Sheffield and his colleagues combined information gleaned from sun-orbiting satellites with theoretical models of solar processes, such as coronal mass ejections.
They found that explosive events at the Sun’s surface appear to trigger acoustic waves that bounce back and forth between both ends of the loops, a phenomenon known as a standing wave.

I think we all remember learning in school that the sun is just a big star. Over several thousand years ago the earth was going about its business praising God. It still is in some ways.

Sometimes we complain about having to walk by faith and not sight.
We ask God just to show us that He is real. Science belittles us for our beliefs.
How awesome is it that God would reveal a truth from the Bible to scholarly people, so that the truth and glory of God would be revealed to us through the very mouths of those
who have apposed us?
A little bit of faith--- becoming sight!
How cool!

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CrownLaidDown said...

And if we don't praise HIM, the rocks will cry out, too!

I often think when going to the zoo that those animals are praising their Maker.

Blessings on your day, Sharon...
Love in Him,