Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We have a study!

We just got back from New Orleans. I was raised not far from the area we had to go to for the Lifeway store. I am still amazed at the massive amounts of homes still in the state they were in after the storm. Massive amounts of homes still empty or abandoned. Very sad. It was a really nice area to live in when I was young. We moved when I was 13 and I would never go back--unless God told me to.
Christian book stores are a problem for me like shoes or purses or jewelry are for some women. I love resource books and I love music and I love it all!!!!!!!!!!! I could have spent hours there. Thank heaven for a limited budget and a hungry stomach. I found a Message Bible--I like to read out of different versions--I have been wanting to get one. Next we got a book because it had a really awesome cover and the title was great. He Will Come To Us Like Rain DOWNPOUR an encounter with God that will soak you with joy by James MacDonald. Have any of you read this yet? It even has a study associated with it--did not get that. And, yes I got a little something for my girls. I found a pen with a pink note pad that says, Love the Lord your God with all your heart. The pen is silver with a comfort grip and it is all tied together with a pink ribbon. Very lady like. And yes I got one for myself because I completed the study and I have a "thang" for pens and journals.
Now for the study we are going to do. The Frazzled Female finding peace in the midst of daily life by Cindi Wood. It looks short and it looked lite. Both requirements that we needed while we take a break from Beth. We will be back Beth---keep writing! I will let ya'll know how the study is going once we start week after next. We are going to take a week off and go out and eat and have some girl time.
Next we went to Cracker Barrel. Now You may not all know what this place is, but if you like southern food you will like this. Unless you happen on one that has problems in the kitchen department. And of course they have a shop before you g into eat with all kinds of cute things that no one needs, but that you just have to look at. I had a lunch full of carbs and fried food. YUM! No, I do not normally eat that way--but it is not what you do part of the time but all the time that is the problem. So I was hungry and I enjoyed a meal I did not have to cook!
Then it was home time to talk to you guys and my husband. But not in that order.
Now it is time to leave for Wednesday night church. We are studying John and we eat too. Yes, I will be taking my dinner to go because I am not hungry at this time. Talk to you later

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Sandy said...

Our ladies at church have just begun studying Transforming Grace by Jeff Bridges; should be good. There are too many books out there and too little time!
But mostly I am trying to read my "Chronological Bible" in 2007. NIV version.