Monday, March 5, 2007

The Sin Eater

Just recently I had the great pleasure of reading, The Sin Eaters by Francine Rivers. The visual imagery of this small group of people surround by mountains left me longing for the mountains of North Carolina. Back to a life that was a little more simple and quiet. Something I think we all long for at one time or another. It will cause you to appreciate the relationship you have with the Lord and marvel at the lengths He is willing to go to draw us to himself.
It was a quick read and I was sorry it was over so soon. She writes in a way that draws the reader in and keeps them wanting more.
This was recently made into a movie by Michael Landon Jr. I have not seen it but I look forward to seeing it. The reviews were mixed, critic's gave it C's, while the audiences gave it much higher reviews. My suggestion--always read the book first. Movies created in or minds are always better than the ones on the screen. And when Francine Rivers is the one creating the scene--you will always enjoy the production.
Another must read by this author is, Redeeming Love. If you say you don't enjoy reading novels--this one will change your mind. It will leave you saying, "He loves me, he really loves me!".
Enough from this critics corner. ENJOY!


Dee said...

Got your message & glad you're joining me! We CAN do this!

I haven't been able to get into The Sin Eater book. Maybe I should try again.

BTW, did you see that you can add flags to your little girl icon? DD12 found that one & made me one w/ a Canadian flag! D

Sharon said...

Yes, I saw the flags but DH said he liked me without it. And you know it is important to be a little submissive every now and then. :) Can you earn credits? Then on those times when you don't really feel "the submissive thang" you can go into the credit bank and pull one out. Ha! Ha!
Sorry you didn't get into the book. Maybe it was like the Left Behind series for me--I had to wade through the first few chapters and then it picked up.