Monday, March 5, 2007

Many Thanks

First I want toTHANK my little brother for taking care of some blog issues for me. I will get this one day--this dog is not so old she can't be taught new tricks! So thank you David for helping me out.
Next, is to my friend Tracy. She has been away for awhile and she knows I have been praying for her. I got a sweet gift in the mail. A book on mentoring. This is a huge subject for me. I will enjoy looking through the book to see the great ideas it offers. I believe every woman needs a mentor. I don't care how old you are -we need someone who is going to hold us accountable. Someone who knows us and our history---this is not just a surface relationship. When I am in a mess I don't want to have to dredge up past history so that they will understand why I am where I am and what I am talking about.
The bible tells us in Titus that the older women are to teach the younger women. I don't think that means old in years--just spiritual years. Do you have some life experience with God to share? Do you have a story? Some young mother or new wife or single woman----they need you! God has taught you what he has so you can share the knowledge and truth. Some young woman needs to see that we are not perfect but that there is hope in a relationship with God. Alright I'll get down off my soap box. I do love my soap boxes.
The book---------Woman to Woman Mentoring by Janet Thompson

It has some really good ideas for things you can do with your mentee.


Dee said...

I agree about the mentoring! But don't you feel old when these young moms start asking you questions and treating you like you're, gulp, old and experienced? LOL I thought you were going to say that you rec'd 'Becoming a Titus II Woman' -- that's a great book. It has really helped me.

About having your pic show on your comments, you just have to add whatever pic you want on to your profile (you have to host it yourself - I use PhotoBucket). And then click the box where it says 'share my profile'. Voila! Easy! Hope that helps!

How was your weekend?

Sharon said...

Dee- my weekend was good. I spent most of it inside which meant no bike riding. I was lazy but my DH said that was o.k my body would heal better if i slept. What did I do to deserve him? He was a real sweet heart.But I hope when I go back to the doctor tomorrow that he will say that things look better. I miss my contacts! And the tiny little bottle of meds they gave me were over 50 dollars! I think I must be putting gold in my eye.Hopefully i won't have to fill it again. As you can see my brother took care of the picture for me. I will get the hang of all of this. have to go and do my S.C.F for today. Talk later.