Saturday, March 3, 2007

Just A Little Fun

While jumping from blog to blog (kind of like channel surfing on T.V) I found a site that is really cute. You can make these cute little girls and then save them. The site is-- Bless This Chick.
And make sure you click on everything you can, because you can even change her face and skin color.
Have fun and pass the word!

A little bit of the Word for today.

What a God!
His roads stretches straight and smooth.
Every God-direction is road tested.
Everyone who runs toward Him makes it.

Psalm 18:30


Debrand said...

That was so cool but blogger won't let me post my pic just now. Doesn't that just curl your toes?

Nise' said...

Thanks that was so much fun! I will definitely pass it along. Now, only if highlighting our hair was as easy as that magic wand!

Dee said...

What happened to your eye? Did you get something in it? Hope it heals fast. I've had that happen to my eye before and ouchy. At least you don't have snow to blind you!! :) Planting, sounds great. Impossible here! We are growing chicks though -- hopefully! :) D

BunnyGirl said...

This was fun, I had a go too. Loved your blog.

Sharon said...

Dee - I got a corneal ulcer. How? They said it may have been my contacts. It is a little better today. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday.