Monday, March 5, 2007

We See Only The Tip--And That Not Clearly

Can I brag on myself just a moment? I did it! I knew I could and I didn't give up until --I did it.
So you are saying, "she has lost her mind". And I say, "NO, I just found it, it is still there!". I thought I would never figure the whole picture to blogger bot, and then to Picasa--but I did it. The proof is up above.

Now, why this picture? Because to me it represents our Lord and the real world we don't see. Do you see it? I don't know if this picture is real or manufactured- but the spiritual reality is real. Satan knows that in the cold environment of this world we are not likely to "get out of the boat". Why would we, it is safe and warm in the boat. We know how it works and most of us are happy to not know what is beneath the surface. Dear God what are we really missing out on? But, when we say we don't want to know about the whole principalities and powers thing-we also close out the good side. When is the last time one of us was confronted by an angel like Daniel. They are still there you know.
I have spent the last few years wanting desperately to see below the surface. Searching for Him and hoping along the way to see the spectacular. And on a few occasions God has opened the atmosphere and knocked me off my feet. No, I haven't seen any angels or been transported into the third heaven. But, I have known without a shadow of a doubt that His presence was near. So near, I could hardly breathe. And as He withdrew, I wanted never to leave the spot. It was like a cape that had dropped gracefully from the sky and gently enfolded my body from the top of my head to the ground around my feet. Nothing left untouched.
Those occasions have been few and far between. If there were some secret keys to make the experience happen again--I would never get anything done. For you would see me quietly sitting waiting for Him to come again.
I love Him dearly, if you know me you know that for the most part my thoughts and conversation are going to have something to do with Him. My closest friends know this is true of me. Some one once said that this world is the training ground for eternity. If I have learned anything during my 41 years, it is the fact that if someone tells me how to get straight A's-I am going to die trying to do what they showed me. Well, we have the book that will give us all the secrets. Don't you want to know them. And you know what, I don't want to wait on someone to find them for me. I want to find them- led of course by the Holy Spirit.
Where are the Amy Carmichael's, Corrie Ten Booms , Mary Slessor's ? Is there anyone else out there who is thinking the same? I know that there are some beautiful godly women living in our time, but I can't help but wonder if we shouldn't be seeing more. Are we just absorbing more and more but not putting anything out. Mary Slessor went to the cannibals of Africa when men were too scared to go. Would I?
I want to know that I went spiritually where God wanted me to go, that I saw all I was capable of seeing, and that I heard the voice of the Lord more than my own.
Alright I will close. This was just a little peak into the person He is making me. Hope she did not scare you too much.

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