Thursday, March 15, 2007

Montel Show

Let me first just say that this is not a program that I normally watch.
A friend called me to say that I needed to turn it on to see how Montel, was treating a guy who is a Christian. This man helps run a program called, Exodus. It is a program for people who realize that the homosexual way of life is a sin, and want to allow God to change them. Now you can only imagine what slant this program took.
The whole thing that set me on the edge was that they keep saying it is impossible for a person to change if they are gay. DUH! No one can change anything about themselves without Gods help. Yes, you can try, but one problem may disappear but it will eventually just show up in another area. Our heart is to be the throne of God and He will not rest in our lives till He is sitting on that throne.
But, this is not really the point of bring this program up. Our lives are here to Glorify God. Everything we do and say is to be for His glory.
I know that this program was meant to degrade God and his ways. And even though I knew this program had already been taped I found myself passionately praying for those speaking for our God and his ways. I know that we can not expect godly things from ungodly people. But I wanted to help this guy out. I can not help but wonder if God took my prayers and sent in a little support. Just as the program was ending a guy in the audience spoke up and he was actually given air time. He clearly stated that the act of homosexuality was an abomination before the Lord and not the person. Love the sinner and not the sin.
Praise God for people who are willing to stand up for what our God stands for. I know it is not our job to defend our God but our very lifestyles should do that without having to use words.


Dee said...

one problem may disappear but it will eventually just show up in another area AMEN! D

Debrand said...

Yes, it's frustrating to see the Word of God ridiculed in public. But, God will use this to make people think, search for themselves and discover the truth. I just read a book by Dutch Sheets. He said that people don't accept the Word because as soon as it's spoken it gets filtered by all of their 'osophy's' (Philosophy's and such)and their own reasoning that most of it is blocked out. We need to pray for the Holy Spirit to 'rend the veil' to allow His Truth to penetrate.

Sharon said...

Yes, this is so true. When I pray for those that are not saved I always or God to remove the veil from their eyes so they can see the truth. I read a book by Dutch Sheets on prayer a few years ago. He had some amazing stories of God at work. It was a good book.