Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I have not been silent

I have been busy writing something for my mother but it is for later. But I don't want to let this day pass without putting forward a little something for thought.
Have you ever gone to church longing to receive something from God and yet you left empty? Sometimes I believe our agendas get in the way and sometimes sin. Whichever the case--God will make sure you never go away hungry if you ask Him to fill you. This was written during a time when I was longing for something deep, but instead I left the service feeling I had been teased.
Anyone identify with this?
It does not happen often but how aggravating when it does. Is it you or the table you are feasting at? Look in the mirror first before you change tables.


The day had finally arrived and all were prepared to enter the banquet hall.
Each week they looked forward to the meal that was carefully prepared.
Their meals at home were good but there was something special about eating a meal you did not have to work for or prepare. The doors open and they enter the room eagerly looking for their seats around the large table.
Pleasant aromas filling the room cause the senses of the hungry visitors to spike in anticipation. Pleasantries are said as each guest settles into their weekly seats. The table is set with the finest linens and the silver has been polished to high reflection. Fine crystal glasses await the wine that will be served with each course.
Finally the time has come and their host enters. He gently rubs his hands together as he makes his way to his chair at the head of the table. Smiling, he takes in the group and thanks all that have come to enjoy the fine meal that has been prepared. In a reverent tone he asks that all bow their heads to thank God for the feast that is to come and for the energy it will provide.
Instead of the doors opening at the end of his prayers - he continues to speak. He covers the issues of the week and his important thoughts - you can hear the unfed stomachs begin to protest. People eye the doors thinking that eventually the doors will open and the food will come out of the kitchen. Instead, the host continues to speak of how important it is to eat and that each of them should make sure that they are eating during the week and they should share this food with their families and friends. Most importantly, they should not forget to bring others to the feast each week.
People begin to shift in their seats as he continues to speak. Some actually pick up their napkins and made a show of putting them in their laps hoping this will alert the host that they are ready for him to bring in the food. When they hear the words, “In conclusion” all sit up a little taller in their chairs.
Nothing could have shocked them more than when their host said,“Thank you all for coming, I have thoroughly enjoyed your presence and please come again next week.” Watching the faces as they prepared to go you could tell that some noticed nothing out of the ordinary. They had come to the feast and now they were satisfied they had done their duty by participating.
On the faces of others there was something akin to anger or frustration.
Frustration for the time they had spent in anticipation the feast and anger that now they were being sent away with nothing but hunger. They knew that this week would be just a little harder on an empty stomach.

Hungry bellies make angry Christians.


Dee said...

I'll email you w/ answers to your questions okay? D

Sharon said...

I hear ya girl. Got to go to bed--don't want my husband to get jealous of my blogging buddies.:) Talk again tomorrow.

Lorna said...

interesting ideas here Sharon