Friday, March 16, 2007

Femme, Femme, Femme

First let me say that this will be a short post. It is already 11:15 and i am just getting in from the hospital with a friend. It has been a long day but we had a lot of fun on our trip into New Orleans.
First let me thank Nise for the fantastic glasses. I promised I would post a picture a picture and here I am. Glam girl! My daughter already tried to become their new owner.
Next, We started our day with a late breakfast at a cute little place called The Broken Egg. I had a incredible omelet and coffee of course. I am taking the picture so you see my Mom and Julia my daughter and my baby sister Jeannie. We all enjoyed our time together we do not get to do this often.
After breakfast we went into New Orleans for an artistic feminine day. Our museum has been given the honor of hosting a display from several museums in France. "Paintings of Women in French society from Daumier to Picasso." The exhibit is called Femme, Femme, Femme. It was great and we all had a great time. It really touched a part in me that does not often get to express itself. Julia has taken an interest in art also ,so she really loved seeing in person some things she had seen in books. The last picture is of Mom and Julia and Me. You will notice the wheel chair. Mom broke her foot over 7 months ago and has just recently gotten her cast taken off. Her foot is still sore and not quit strong enough to last with all the walking we did. So we were happy to have the wheel chair so that she could enjoy herself without pain.
After the museum we went to an international grocery store. i love this place because it has every imaginable food item from all over the world. I purchased some items just to try. I like to be a little brave when it comes to food. Probably left over from my restaurant days. no, I have not eaten any bugs. And no covering them in chocolate will not change my mind. How about chocolate covered bugs Dee?
And then I spent the evening with a friend at the hospital. Yes, it has been a long eventful day.
And tomorrow I go for a 8:00 perm. Pray for me!
Talk to ya'll later!


Debrand said...

What a nice day you had! There's nothing quite like creating memorable trips. The young ones never forget them.

Nise' said...

The glasses look great! A true glam girl! Glad you had a great 3 generation day!

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoy the pictures on you site and am glad to see Judy and Julia. About time that cast came off! Hope she coninues to improve.
Ryan is over in England and Ireland & I wish I could be there to enjoy it with him!

Sharon said...

How fun. One day i would love to go to England and Ireland. What is he doing there?f

Dee said...

Looks nice! The glasses look good on ya and you're a tall girl eh?! I'm only 5' 3". Your hair looks really good - is that before/after your perm? D

Sharon said...

I am 5'6-not so tall. This picture was taken before my perm. I will have to wait until after Wednesday to post a picture.I took my camera to the farm to take pictures and forgot to put my card in the camera. So the pictures are not on a card to download to my computer.Linda is going to try to get them off for me. My perm came out o.k, although Keith says it is not curly enough.I shudder to think what He might be wanting.I'm afraid it is not going to happen. I just wanted some body or loose curls.