Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Momma Birds

I was over at Wholly Devoted reading about taking time apart to spend with God just for yourself. If you are like me you might have two Bible studies going, a few things at church to prepare for and of course the time spent blogging. But I can do all this stuff and still feel empty.
So while at Deena's site a thought hit me.
We all know that a mother bird is responsible for feeding her babies. She goes and finds the food. Might break it down a little bit so it is not too much for her little ones. Then she gives to them what she has brought back to the nest.
NOW if she always gives everything that she got to the little ones-------she would die.
She must feed herself first or she will get weak and won't be there to help take care of the young ones.
Hmmmmmmm! So all you Momma birds---don't forget to eat. Take a little of the WORD and eat it yourself. It will give you strength needed to take care of those God has entrusted to you.

Love you guys!
GO With Jesus

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Nise' said...

Amen Sista! I think that as women we tend to put ourselves last thinking we are doing the right thing. I have learned by experience that this is so not true! Spending time in God's Word just for ourselves is never time wasted!