Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thanks Girls! The Sun WILL come up tomorrow!

My God is so incredible! He can take women who have never met, who would probably not recognize one another in a crowd. Let them meet by words and bind their hearts as if they have known each other for life. He used words and a maw maw's shoulder - to wrap His arms around me as if He were here in person.
I love you guys! I hope you believe me. And not with that stuffy religious love either. i love you with that tear stained, running nose, mascara running type of love. Get the picture?
Thank you for walking with me along this road God has us on.
Now like at the Academy Award shows---
First I would like to thank my God for getting me here; next my parents for planting the seeds of truth; next my dear husband who took me to Olive garden for dinner(maybe he was afraid he was not going to get dinner? No, baby I know you were being sweet!); Next, I would like to thank Linda who left her country abode to hug my neck; and of course all you sweet ones who sent me emails to firmly encourage me toward what i know to be right---D, Tracy,Deena,eph2810, Bunny girl,Crown Laid Down, Shirley Miller and and if I have forgotten any please for give me. Thank you also to the one who invented blogdom without this invention non of us would be here to listen and love. (start of music playing -meaning my time is almost up) Thank all of you who were lead by God today. I do not believe in coincidences! He makes all things good in his time. (beautiful girl is now coming over to gently but firmly try to get me off stage) Now me throwing kisses and the music swells and the next blog announcer takes their place.
Love to you all.
P.S. We have a new company coming over tomorrow at 10:30 to view our well. Theses guys are the commercial guys. The big guns are coming to town! Do I hear the Hallelujah chorus beginning?

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Dee said...

"Friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the lord of them" -- what a blessing eh?! ((( hugs ))) D