Sunday, April 20, 2008

Amazing Fragrance

God reminded me of this this morning and I thought it might be something that would touch your heart too.

Each time I read it it reminds me of the power of prayer and the fact
that Jesus intercedes for me continually. I also love the picture of
the angels and the awe and honor they display for their master.
Our prayers release incredible power.
Not our power but the
mighty power of our Father.

His Presence

She kneels quietly, her heart neither heavy nor light.
She awaits the presence that will come and inhabit her praise.
To this earth she is silent, as in her heart she lifts her
Worship to the God that is the sum of all glory and might.

Angels nearby stand in attention, anticipating the presence
that will come as their Master keeps His promise.
In hushed honor they fall to their knees covering their faces
as His majesty fills the room. Slowly their glorious ruler sinks
to His knees joining her, their hearts beat as one
their voices rise in perfect harmony. In a burst of light,
the words of praise enter the throne room filling it with the
most amazing fragrance. With one breath God inhales
the request of His son; and in the next with a mighty voice
that fills the earth, the Father says, "€œYes, let
it be done on earth as it is in Heaven".€
Back on earth, fingers full of endless power, the master
touches her heart.Her eyes fill with tears and perfect sweetness
fills her soul. And then she hears Him say,"€œThis day as your praise
took flight,God has spoken, and you must continue the fight.
For you will have victory this very night."€


Becoming Me said...

That really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing it.

Amrita said...

hi Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog. I will visit you too. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the glimpse into your prayer life.

Denise said...

So very beautiful, bless you sis.

Nancy said...

That is powerful and so true. I love thinking that way. Thanks for this it really touched my heart.

Nancy said...

That is powerful and so true. I love thinking that way. Thanks for this it really touched my heart.

luvmy4sons said...

Beautiful. Thank you!

Mary said...


A very powerful post. Thanks so much for sharing this. I could see the angels and Jesus kneeling with this woman as the prayer ascended to the heavens and into the throne room. A beautiful picture.

Blessings and love,

Anonymous said...

Very sweet , You are an awesome woman my friend:)

Sandi said...

it is quite at my home after a few very long days and more to come. I though I want to spend it with friends so I came to the blogs. Then I read yours today. Wow so beautiful.

Denise said...

It is such a feeling that cannot be uttered when we communicate with the Father and we know that He hears.........I have been in a place that I have seen His eyes turn toward me....... what a feeling.......... thanks for your vision of prayer......... We need to understand that He is listening........

Melanie said...