Monday, April 21, 2008

How To Make The Most Of Listening To The Word

Why do you belong to the Christian world of blogging?

Is it just because you think it is a safe place to go?
Or do you come here looking for women who are where you are-struggling with the same things you are struggling with. Is there something in you that is spurring you on?
Maybe a desire to see how other women are walking this walk out?
I want you to know that the deepest desire of my heart is to walk this thing out in a way that is going to please God and bring glory to His name.
A way that will so please His heart that in the end He will say--
Well done my good and faithful servant.
I believe that the only way to do that is to be immersed in His word.
To hide that word in my heart so that I don't sin against Him.
How often do you read the word and leave it feeling that it was a waste of your time--you got nothing?
I'll be honest--this has been happening often lately.
Because life has gotten in the way.
Yesterday I caught the most amazing sermon that brought some great things to light.
I don't know if many of you know who Charles Stanley is. But without a doubt I can tell you that He is a tremendous man of God and a great teacher. There is no screaming and yelling--no light shows--just the simple truth of Gods word presented in an orderly easy to understand method.
He is right on.
Today he spoke on getting the most out of the word of God.
It was related to what you get when you come to church but I believe it will also be great to use when we are reading the word at home. Would you admit with me that we all have room to grow in the area of our Bible reading?
I hope your answer was yes.
Do you want the fire of God to burn into those places that need to be changed?
Then we have got to get into the word.
Here is the sermon outline. It has some fantastic points.
If you would like to watch the sermon--it was great--just click on his name below and it will take you to the page for you to watch it.
I hope you enjoy it and then I would love to hear what God has spoken to your heart.
Remember that we will only receive from God what we allow Him to give us.
A open heart and mind is all He needs to change our lives.

How to Listen to the Word of God

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: Nehemiah 8:1-7, 12-17

I. Introduction: Why is it that some people leave church each week encouraged and full of joy, but others go away empty and burdened? How can we make the most of listening to the Word of God?

II. Message:

A. Scriptural example

1. The Israelites were captives in Babylon, and Jerusalem’s wall was in ruins. Nehemiah asked the Babylonian king for supplies and time off from his duties so he could help rebuild the wall.

2. With God’s help, Nehemiah and other exiles rebuilt the wall in 52 days, despite opposition from their enemies. The people then asked to hear the Word of God.

3. The best sermons are based on the Bible, not on the philosophies of men.

B. You must listen to God’s Word:

1. Eagerly (Neh. 8:1-2). When you come to a worship service, ask God to speak to your heart.

2. Attentively (Neh. 8:3). Your attention span is determined by your desire to know God and His will for your life.

3. Trustingly (Neh. 8:4-5). Our world is unpredictable. We must place our faith in something that gives us assurance—and God’s Word is trustworthy.

4. Expectantly (Neh. 8:5). In Nehemiah’s day, the people couldn’t understand the original languages of the scrolls. But they stood in anticipation of hearing God’s Word.

5. Prayerfully (Neh. 8:6). The people bowed low and worshipped the Lord.

6. Patiently (Neh. 8:7). The people listened for hours as God’s Word was read.

7. Humbly (Neh. 8:6). The people fell on their faces in humility because of their ancestors’ sins, which had caused them to miss the Lord’s blessings.

8. Purposefully (Neh. 8:12-17).They wanted to gain insight into the Law. Each time you come to church, ask God for insight about His character.

9. Happily. There was great joy when the people listened to the Law. You are responsible for your own attitude toward church.

10. Repentantly (Neh. 9:1-3).The people listened with repentant hearts. If the Lord brings something to your attention, don’t blame the preacher. Be honest with God about it.

III. Closing: Write these ten words inside the front cover of your Bible, and read them before next week’s sermon. Then ask God to help you be attentive, and He will speak to you.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post today and I do enjoy Charles Stanley's teaching. I have to see if I can watch it online. I also like Andrew Murray (another no-flash speaker, just the Word). When I go to church, I take a notebook and pen with me. They are my net. I can catch all the great truths so they don't get away. It keeps my mind from wandering too. Sometimes, I can take the sermon and write a poem about it afterwards.

luvmy4sons said...

I love charles Stanley-his goldy messages and the wonderful lilt to his voice! Good stuff!

Nicki said...

I tagged you for something if you have time! =)

Denise said...

I really enjoyed this, Charles Stanley is wonderful sis.

Melanie said...

Charles Stanley is an amazing speaker. And I do think God is pleased with your blogging. Many times your posts are much like a devotional.

Denise said...

I have been watching Charles Stanley for years now..... He is such oungest to the oldest......a gentle giant...... He speaks in language that every Christian can understand from the youngest to the oldest..I will write that list in the front of my bible.. I also listen to my ipod all day.. With one earpiece.... I have the bible in mp3 in my comuter and I pick different books each day to listen to......... I pray that it is feeding my spirit man......

I pray that you have peaceful week and much conversation with the Father...

freetofly said...

Trivia for you! I got saved watching Charles Stanley and holding my little baby (now 15) in my arms on a Sunday morning in my living room! He is a wonderful, dear man of God! He had a book out around that time called The Source of My Strength - it realllllllly helped me put it all together....

And you are tremendously gifted to lead us all in a herd to the cross & worship there! Keep on! God is pleased with you & I am sure your family is proud of you!


Tiffany said...

I really like Charles Stanley! I used to listen to him on Sunday mornings, while getting ready for church.- you know, before kids! This was a good encouragement to share!

Amy said...

I most definitely do know who Charles Stanley is and I love his teaching. Too often we do let life get in the way of our relationship with's not that God isn't speaking it's just that we haven't put ourselves in a position to hear. And even though your title question is rhetorical I'll shoot off my mouth an answer it for you. I don't really consider myself belonging to the "blogging world" like I'm not obsessed with it and I really only keep up with a few people...but I read your blog because I do want to see how Christian women live their lives (with all of their mistakes and imperfections ;o). In doing so I've realized how much I have in common with people I've never, and probably will never meet until I get to heaven...I mean like seriously what are the odds that anybody else would've gone to the little college that I did! I stop talking now really, I promise! But I love you because you love my Jesus and that encourages me in my walk with Him!

eph2810 said...

Sorry it took me so long between comments. I wanted to listen to the sermon first :)
I really like what Charles Stanley said about 'sifting His Word'. He is right - we can not just take bits and pieces from God Words. If we believe that God's Word is truth - than all of it is. Not only want we want to hear/read.

Thank you for sharing this message. I have book-marked the site on my browser at work - so I can listen to it while working.

Have a blessed Tuesday....