Saturday, April 19, 2008

I AM Christ

Every once in a while I do a little blog hopping.
Not often because I really just want to be able to keep up with what is going on with the girls I have gotten to know.
But with the things going on I was just looking for a little something from God.
I found this video on another womans blog-sorry that I can't remember which one.
This video just touched my sore heart this morning.

I am having a hard time with our son Michael.
He is 18 and is not walking with the Lord.
I have been where he is.
Yesterday was a really rough day.
I spent some time with him in order to go and get a part for his truck.
As soon as it gets fixed we have asked him to leave.
Ya'll-he is my baby.
They are the ones you start dreaming the big dreams for. The ones you grow up with.
I know that we made some mistakes with him.
But we love him-more than that, His Daddy God loves him.
I want him to come to the point where he understands the relationship-beyond salvation-that he must have with God in order to survive this life.
Yesterday he said--I know ya'll just want me to leave.
This crushed my heart.
No, we don't want him to leave. But he has refused to follow the rules that we have set in place.
We are enabling him if we keep him here and allow him to lead the life he is living.
We still have such high hopes for him.
I pray that one day he will understand and he will come to love His God the way we do.
I continue to pray that God will protect him and help him to "get it" before it is too late and he makes mistakes that will be felt the rest of his life.
He is my little boy.
I know that other parents-mine included-have been here.
I look forward to the day when he will say-Thank you for loving me with tough love.
Till then- Thank you God that you are with him where ever he goes.
Thank you for watching my baby.


MelanieJoy said...

Oh Sharon, how sweet of Him to send you that video...Friend, my
eyes have tears and my heart aches for you...
I know how hard it is to let go and trust God to protect our loved ones. You want to be there protection but nobody can do it like He can. Don't forget that definition of a Hero I was sharing the otherday.
Words spoken in anger and fear can come out so wrong. And just as you were sorry I believe he is too.
It's just harder for them I think to swollow the pride and apologize. Don't let those words that crushed your heart- play over and over in your mind.
That "foothold that's familiar" will always be in his mind...just like the prodigal son.
I love you and will be holding you up in prayers today....((HUGS))

Dee said...

I can't see the video but will work on that. ((( hugs ))) My heart is doing some breaking right now too -- seems like we're often in the same stages. Will keep you in my prayers. D

Dee said...

Saw the video -- more tears. Thank you though. Psalm 23 is close. And He is too. D

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. Dear sister. I cried of course. What a touching song and video. I can hear your mother's heart...and my heart breaks for yours.


Please touch Sharon's 18 year old son. Open his eyes to Your truth. Call him to Yourself Lord. Help him find his way back to walking humbly with You all of his days. Please protect him as he travels this joureny and strengthen his dear sweet mother as she waits for him to finish this journey knowing it is his to finish and not hers. Comfort her, give her hope and peace while she waits for You to finish the good work You have begun in her son. I lift the entire situation for Your will to be done, for Your blessing upon each person involved, for miraculous happenings to bring glory and honor to your name, and for her son to find his way back to You. In Your precious name, Jesus. Amen.

freetofly said...

Sharon, I am very familier with this path. My heart aches for you, for Keith and each of your children. Praying for God to guard,strengthen and bless each of you. Remember God's arm is NOT shortened! Draw near to Keith durng this troubled time and let God comfort and minister to each of you through each other...

Praying for your son! He can't out run the love and plan of God!


Karen said...

It has been on my mind to ask how Michael was doing this week. I'm sorry to hear it's been a painful time. My prayers are with you all.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I will pray for you and Michael. Some of my strongest Christian friends are those who wandered for a while before coming back to Jesus, their first love. I was not super rebellious, but still had a rebellious heart, so we all rebel on some level- some are just quieter about it. I know you know the Truth and sounds like you are doing the right thing, but it still must just HURT. Love, hugs, and prayers from me.


This video was beautiful. I absolutely drank the words in. I am going to use it on my blog, if you don't mind- fits in with my memoir tag that you gave me.

Denise said...

I am hurting for you sis. Keeping you, and Michael in my prayers.

Kaz said...

Hi Sharon,
I just wanted to let you know, as having been a prodigal, having run away from God many times, but returned to Him for good, that there is hope.... just keep loving Michael, keep telling him you love him too, keep praying, and dont lose hope. hope is hard, so many times it seems like there is none, but God always pulls through.
God bless you and strengthen you on this journey!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for your family. Been there, Let God be God:)(((hugs)))

Mary said...

God is good, my friend. He sent you this video to ease your aching heart and with it, you have touched mine.

I am so sorry about the problems with Michael. I have been there as well. I will keep Michael in my prayers that he might see the wisdom in your words and actions. Bless you, my friend.
Love you,

Denise said...

My heart so breaks for you my sister.... I had no idea you were going through those things.... I want to say to you that the Father God so loves that boy of yours and has His eye upon him........ I too have a son that is away from me but it has been many years...... I pray that the Father God sends people into his life that will speak of the goodness of God and will turn his heart to the Father........ We do have to let go and oh my gosh how hard that is........ but I have learned one thing over the years praying for my son..........God holds us close and ministers to our broken hearts....He gave us our "mother" hearts and knows how they break....... He will keep His eye apon that son....... and He will hold you when you cry.....Mistakes are human and they are under the blood....... I will pray for you and that precious son and I will watch for his homecoming.....

Lova ya

Poopsie said...

This video is amazing.

I just want to touch base and say that I will keep your family in prayer. We are traveling a simialr road, and my heart is open to you.
May your son find his way, soon.

Blessings to you,
Cindy P :)

Melanie said...

What an amazing video and song.

I don't know exactly what is going on with Michael, but I do know I put my parents through something similar. All the time when I had wandered away from God I knew what I was doing was wrong. My parents had taught me right from wrong and deep in my heart I always had that nagging feeling. I'll bet Michael has that same feeling- you've raised him to know right from wrong and you pray for him.

We're going through something with my step-daughter right now as she has decided she is an atheist. She knows that we love her and accept her no matter what, but she also knows we feel about the choices she is making right now.

I think the one thing that gives me some comfort is knowing that God loves our children even more than we do. Hard for me to grasp, but amazing none the less.

I'll be praying for Michael and for you during this very difficult time.