Saturday, February 24, 2007

Women Only!

This would be an easily discernible picture if you had been with me today. And I wish you had been. I am not sure if I could say that this is the most creative thing I have seen- but it does fall under the amusing category. I so wish you had all been with me today. I can say that there were people from Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and the United States and all those came from over 500 churches.
Today I attended a Beth Moore simulcast. If you do not know about her-- you should. She is one of the most down to earth-former pit dweller- that loves the Lord and wants others to also. She has recently written a book named Get Out Of That Pit. It is all about those things that stop us from moving forward in life with God. She says that there are three ways to end up in a pit.
  1. get pushed in one--sexual abuse, etc
  2. fall into one--a death, etc
  3. jump in one--planned periods of giving into sin
The good news is that God wants to reach down with his right hand and pull you out and set your feet on a solid rock. He is crazy about you and wants to see you free. Satan hates you and wants you to stay in the pit forever. She said, he tempts us, traps us and then tells on us.

How can you tell if you are in a pit?
  1. you feel stuck
  2. you don't feel you can stand up (on your own)
  3. when you have lost your vision (the word of God is dry and you haven't heard from the Lord in awhile)
A pit is Satan's attempt to bury you alive. An early grave--the living dead.
So, is it going to be worth it to give up your pit? Some of us have been there so long we have even decorated the walls. Here are two things to tempt you to reach up.
  1. An incomparably intimate relationship-----check out Psalm 63
  2. A profoundly broadened faith
How do we set the wheels in motion? We cry out- we release our anguish to him. We ask for our bridegroom to come rescue his bride. Psalm 73:13-15 ---good!
And just a few thoughts to remember.
Everyday of disaster is meant to be a day of delivery.
Anybody who messes with you messes with God.
You can't get all of life fixed and then plan to stay out of the pit.
Some good Psalms to read: 40;1-3;Psalm 18:1-6,16-19;32:7

Now as for the lovely picture --figure it out yet? Hint-it was taken in the men's bathroom.
They wanted to make sure we had enough bathrooms for all the women at the church so they opened up the men's for us. I almost died when I turned to look in one of the stalls and this is what I saw. It was very nice of them to be so creative in their attempt to camo the things we would rather not see. No, no one saw me take this picture.

Dee there were over 18 host sites for this simulcast in Canada. I 'll put a picture of my mom and the book in another blog. Mom got to go with me and even won a door prize.


Charis said...

That picture is too funny! I was a volunteer at the Tyler site that was live. We had over 5,000 women and maybe 25 men in attendance.

Needless to say the men were out of luck. All the men's were made women's!!

Nise' said...

Loved the picture, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what it was! Thanks for sharing about the book, I just picked it up and have read the first chapter.

Sharon said...

Charis, I read that you were at the Tyler church. I know that the atmosphere there was just as charged as the atmosphere here in Louisiana. I read Beth's blog and she told about the storm and the problems afterward. Is there anything too hard for our God? Uh--NO!
I glad He showed His mighty right arm. The day was powerful.

Dee said...

Sorry I missed so many of your posts. I'm coming back to read...

Dee said...

P.S. Gina was at this conference I believe She's a friend of mine - she's got a great blog. D