Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Two Mom's

This is the book I was telling ya'll about. You should get it if you get the chance. Beth Moore is on the cover. For years I prayed for God to send me a mentor. I had just about given up and was proceeding pretty well on my own. Yes, people thought I had gone a little over board with the Jesus thing. I began to wonder if there was any one else out there who thought the way i did. Then someone asked me to do one of her Bible studies. I was glad i did. I found out I was not the only insane person out there. I call her my spiritual mom. She pushes me and lets me know that if i keep walking there is so much more waiting for me on up ahead. She is also very funny so she is great to listen to. Please check her out. And, no I am not making money selling her books. But, I do guarantee the stuff God has taught her will change your life. It changed hers and mine!
This is my beautiful mom. Doesn't she have beautiful white hair? Now, do you see why I don't color mine? She loves God and has been an inspiration for me since I was little. She thinks she should have done better- but then don't we all? I love her and i am honored that God gave her to me.


Shelley said...

What a great tribute to both your moms :o)

Sharon said...

Thank you. God cares for us so gently and then He gives us others who have arms to hold us and hearts that are filled with his love for us. What more could we ask for?