Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh what a beautiful Morning, Oh what a beautiful day!

Today was fantastic in a kind of gut wrenching way. I was expecting great things from God--did it happen? I think so.
Another woman and I teach Sunday school to a small group of teen girls. We have been doing a study of women in the Bible and today they took a test as a review. My CT (co-teacher) began to ask them to recount the events of the stories that they could remember. I don't really understand how but one of the stories led to a total change of topic and I think and pray that God opened the eyes and ears of our girls. The first subject that popped up was the things that we watch. I was led to use the verse..what so ever things are lovely, pure...think on these things. I asked if the things they were watching fell into theses categories. I heard a lot of no, but...... So I then was led by God to ask them if they were to die and get to take one thing into the gates of heaven do they think they could take those things in. Would God say , "please bring it in lets all sit down and watch it". I hope it sunk in. We told them they had been given a seed of truth and they could kill it or let it grow. I pray that they let it grow.
Next my CT, brought up the subject of dress. This is a huge topic today for young girls. We told them that guys are turned on by their eyes and we are responsible for how we draw them. We told them to become aware of what they are thinking when they get dressed. Are they wondering if their shirt would draw attention to their breasts? We then told them that a guys mind will not, without the help of the Lord --naturally stop with just thinking about their shirt. We also said that one day we will have to answer for leading our brothers astray. We did also say that the guys will also have to answer for what they did with the temptation that was put in front of them. I hope they heard with hearts that are still innocent. Our men need some help. They ought to have at least one safe place they can come and not fear what is going to be thrust before their eyes--can't that place be church.
We had some great discussion. I pray the seeds planted today will become mighty oaks.

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