Sunday, February 25, 2007

Me--- A Gideon?

Tonight we watched, Fighting The Giants. At first I thought the acting was a little weak. But then when the coach finally started moving under the inspiration of the Lord--things changed. Not so much the acting skills - but the atmosphere of the film. It was charged with the great potential of our God. Isn't He awe inspiring?
I loved how they showed that when man says no in his own power--God loves to out rank and out power them and say, YES! And, then we remember He is a God of the miraculous. I am sure that we limit Him more often than not. We say a story line is finished just when God is about to turn the plot and bring about an amazing turn of events.
It brought to mind something in my life that this world would say is impossible. My new house. It has been like winning the championship in the movie. We are not even winning the small battles. Why not just sell the property and let someone else have it. Kind of like the assistant coach who wanted to take over the team since the coach could not seem to win.
But, if I really trust my God --then can He not bring about the miraculous. Is there anything too big for my God? Noooooo! And if, this is truth --then I must proclaim it in advance.
He brought to mind, Gideon. When God was ready to win the battle he reduced the army. He wanted the men to know that He had given them the victory and not the many men. The amount of soldiers to the world meant defeat, the only choice outcome. It was after all what God wanted the enemy to think.
Now to try and wrap this up. My house is the battle and the funds to build it are the soldiers. Is the picture getting clearer. The prices in our area have become so impossible, since the storm that went through here a over a year ago. So we have our money to build and I look at God and say, "this is impossible". And He says, "Are you talking to me? The God who happens to own this planet and all that surrounds it." And I bow my head and ask Him to forgive me for my unbelief.
So know that all the world knows the deal---you will all be on the side lines with me as God builds me a house. My house will be the battle and the money will be the soldiers. And me ---just call me Gideon. So without any more to do I bid you to sit back with me and watch the "no way" turn into "I will make a way".

He is my firm foundation, my banker, my my assurance and my security!

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