Thursday, February 22, 2007

Does Anybody Out There Know What I Mean?

Just a little sweet news before I post something else. Does God answer prayer? Is He listening? Yes! I had not heard from my baby boy in over a week. Last night I was talking to God about him--praying that he was o.k. and thanking God for taking care of him. Today I decided to ask God to have him call home. Within 30 minutes he called! I couldn't have been more surprised if the person on the other end said , "Hi, this is God". He was filling out a job application and need to know the answer to a question. Imagine that. :) God is my sweet heart and he cares for me so tenderly!

Does anybody out there know what I mean?

If you have time and want to read something good and thought provoking I have an article for you. Go to Melissa On Idolatry at the LPM blog. Food For Thought! And I know we all like to eat. Let's put something filling in once in a while.


Andrew & Dawn said...

Hi Sharon, I like your new look! I'm pretty sure that you can change the colours - I've changed mine to all different colours. If you're in the new system (beta) then there are a lot of options.

Glad you heard from your son! A God thing! Awesome!

And way to go on getting yourself a bike! Whoo-hoo!

More later but wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you! :) D

Debrand said...

YES! God does answer! Every day it's something new and exciting. I was just thinking on my way to work that even if I don't see the answer today and I died, He would still be obligated to answer my prayers, as they're up in heaven as a frangrant incense and He will see them to completion. Praise Him.

Dee said...

Hey Sharon, love the church pew song! LOL Kinda sad, kinda funny. Gonna play it for the kids. BTW, my DEE blog s/b unprivate now...working on it. D

CeCe Lane said...

Oh yes! I've been there.

I got a nice chuckle from your, "Hello this is God."